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Feb 28, 2008 11:47 AM

One Dinner - Should it be Brigtsen's?

Okay, about to make commitment and call for ressie for DH and I. We have just one dinner and after poring over this board and reviewing their website, I am pretty sure Brigtsen's is it. We are staying in FQ and thought I'd take someone else's advice and take streetcar to resto (allowing about an hour) and cab back. To clarify what we're looking for - delicious NO meal, setting, great drinks, great service, prefer not overly fancy/stuffy - that's Brigtsen's, right? TIA!!!

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  1. For my wife and me it would be Brigtsen's.

    1. For the last eight trips to NOLA, we have always added several restaurants each trip. One constant has been Brigtsen's. Our upcoming trip will be the first in years, when we did NOT do it. They have never let us down. Many others have been great, as well, but Brigtsen's has hit the "high notes" every time. Since we have but a very few days, away from scheduled events, and no real free time, we're shoehorning in Stella! and Bayona, which we'd done about the time that Chef Spicer opened it - plus it's right around the corner from our hotel. I will miss Brigtsen's but will be back over for a wedding and the rehersal dinner will be there, plus another night of dining there, so I can wait until August. And, as a plus, Pattie Constitine will cater the wedding, so it is a win-win for me.


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        And if we had two dinners the second would be Stella!