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Feb 28, 2008 11:20 AM

Mid-range, casual DC?

I've been reading through posts for ideas for a mid-March trip. I see many options on the "nicer" side, hope to get to Hook and Brasserie Beck. Saw a couple mentions of Ooohs and Aaahs but no luck googling to find more info, any help there? A couple of nights, we'll be dining with my 20-year-old college student nephew, not the most adventurous eater, thus the request for some mid-range options that will suit him and his chow-ish aunt and uncle. We're staying pretty central downtown, I guess.

Any great picks for lunch while out and about at museums, strolling Georgetown, etc will be welcome as well. Regional specialties of particular interest.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Some places you might want to check out with your nephew are Dino (for nice rustic Italian in Cleveland Park), Bistro D'Oc (great french bistro in metro center area. Your nephew can get the steak frites or roast chicken while you enjoy duck or escargot), or Acadiana for Southern/New Orleans inspired cuisine.

    A definite place you should check out for lunch is the Mitsiam cafeteria at the American Indian Museum. Suprisingly delicious food.

    1. Nooshi is pan-Asian... Almost anyone could find a noodle dish they like there.

      Jaleo is near the museums. Spanish tapas like tortilla espanol, patatas bravas, spinach with raisins, etc.

      BTW, Ohhs and Aahs is a hole-in-the-wall Soul Food joint with about four stools - plus the have a couple of tables upstairs.

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        I'd try Matchbox in PennQuarter. If your part is larger than six, you can make a reservatino, which would be preferable as there is usually a wait -- though, I'd say it's worth it.

        While strolling the museums, try the National Indian Museum's cafeteria (I know, 'ick', right? But it really is quite good).

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          The restaurant is actually called Matchbox, in case you are looking for it online.

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            2nd the Mitsitam (indian museum) rec. Their maple baked apple was one of the best desserts i ever had...plus the other food is tasty and the museum is quite interesting.