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Feb 28, 2008 10:54 AM

Now Open - Sago (In the Triangle)

Got a notice that they are now Open for business. It's in the same complex as Mandola's and the Flying Saucer, but on the Guadalupe side of the complex.

I'm giving them a few days before I walk over and give them a try....

A quick Google search doesn't reveal much about the place, no website or menu that I could find...

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  1. I really like Mondola's pizza, but gawd the parking there absolutely stinks

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    1. re: amysuehere

      We started at the place across the street, the beer joint that everyone's been chatting about, but the idea of pub grub just didn't appeal. Plus the costumes on the waitresses were a little off-putting.

      Went to Mandola's again (I'm addicted to the Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza) and the line was out the door. I'm really liking this place, but the crowds are just so unreal. Hubbers and I got one of the last patio tables and sat down with a purchased bottle of wine. Now, is this rude or am I sensitive (or rude myself). About half way through our meal a lady came and sat on the wall next to our table (obviously wanting it when we were done) and crossed her arms and stared at us through the rest of our meal. We finished and had two more glasses in the bottle, so we poured them and drank them, which REALLY irritated her. She sat and glared at us while we finished our wine. Now, we didn't gulp our wine, but we didn't linger either (however, there was a piece of me that wanted to...). Is it me or is the dining scene in Austin just growing more and more rude...or were we wrong not to get up and finish our wine on the wall.

      1. re: amysuehere

        Totally not rude. On your part, anyway.

        I've only had sweets at Mandola's, and they were pretty good. I have to back for lunch or dinner.

        1. re: chrischris

          I agree, very rude on her part. The BF and I are usually never in a hurry when we eat out and let the waiters know so they don't hover over us. But to have a patron do the same would be completely irritating. I was finishing a beer at the saucer one night and there was a guy leaning on my chair, practically in my lap. My BF had stood up thinking I was done (but I had a couple more sips). I could tell this guy was really put out to have to wait two more seconds before diving in to my chair.

        2. re: amysuehere

          update: no it is not wrong of you to stay. and I would not deal personally with that. I would have shifted my chair so we couldn't make eye contact. I can't change her rude behavior, but I can refuse to participate in the exchange.

          And it's not just the dining scene. People are just a lot less courteous in general than when you grew up, WHENEVER that was.

          My favorite thing at Mandolas is to get a selection of things from the deli counter, put them on an antipasto platter, get some bread and sit down with some friends to pick a little, talk a little. So you know we are not focused on table turnover. Them's the breaks for her if she comes to stare. Same thing happens sometime at Port of Call in New Orleans, but they are mostly already drunk and recalcitrant by the time they get there, so just think: It could be worse.

      2. A craigslist ad for the place bills it as Upscale, Mid-Priced "Modern Mexican". I'll be interested to find out what they consider modern Mexican to be.

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        1. re: verily

          Modern Mexican to me is like Javier's in Dallas: Look at the menu.

        2. peeked inside today. menu looks good. modern mexican. <$10 lunch menu. very attractive interior. nice large patio: wood-beamed pergola, overlooks triangle green space. sure to be popular. very uncrowded for now. enjoy it while it lasts.

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          1. re: crothers

            If you were to pick one place that one should go elsewhere if they were considering Sago, where would that be?

          2. I ate there yesterday for lunch. Had the pork stuffed poblano w/ cheese. It was served over rice with a cup of black beans on the side. The pork was well prepared (stewed and tender). Overall, not bad for 9 bucks. A little bland, but I'll go back.

            Service was friendly and fast. I would like to go and try the brisket tacos.

            There are several braised pork items on the menu that looked interesting too.

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            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              Stopped in for dinner last night. Had the "classic" white cheese queso - not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting a small bowl of tex-mex goo (as discussed in another thread) to dip chips and and tortillas into... instead, we got a small oval dish of thick baked cheese with a small dollup of pico on top. Flavor was nice enough, but it was nearly impossible to eat - it was too thick for the chips (we were forced to use utensils to cut off "bites"), and even with the heft of a tortilla - it seemed you were just biting into hunks of slightly melted cheese. The flour tortillas were not store bought - not sure if they were made in house however.

              Dinner was the Beef Brisket Tacos. These were pretty good - beef had a nice flavor, was pulled into bite sized strips and was nice and juicy. A little too much red cabbage for my taste in the taco, but it gave a nice contrasting crunch to the beef. A slice of avacodo and a chipotle sauce of some kind topped off each of the tacos. Each of the two tacos was served on a nice thick corn tortilla. I'm not the tortilla expert on the board, but I enjoyed the thick, slighty chewy texture.

              Tacos were served with rice and choice of beans -- I really enjoyed the cilantro and honey rice. It was a nice change from the standard tex-mex rice. Black beans were good - nothing to write home about.

              I did hear overhear several people that made their way to Sago after seeing the line at Mandola's... which may be how they get their start. I think once the weather warms up a bit - the patio will be a big draw too.

              Rudeboy - I have no idea where else to suggest that would offer a similar menu in the area....I'm not familiar enough yet with the area.

            2. Just had the braised pork shoulder stuffed into a poblano. My friend had fish tacos. We thought all the flavors married well and tasted very good. My friend likes her corn tortillas very thin & told our waitress who said they appreciate the feedback. They are still working on some of the dishes. The place is from the same people who started Portabla. Their web site ( has a PDF menu. My stuffed poblano was atop a baked masa cake & had a good mole sauce. Not overly spicy or rich, great boracho beans. I could go for just a bowl of that. They're serving breakfast now & our waitress recommended the salmon cake (w/poached egg & chipotle hollandaise). She said the owners wanted a 'new Mexican-style' food and whatever it is it's pretty good. Nice patio, several separate sitting areas.

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              1. re: chascates

                We walked in and walked out. $10 salads, with a super salad across the street swayed us...However, they do have a very nice patio and the twist on eggs benedict has me interested. Guess we'll have to give them a try.

                1. re: amysuehere

                  The food was only okay, and a little expensive BUT it was the pounding techno music that was totally off putting and ruined the meal.

                  1. re: kirelerya

                    Okay, swaying the other way again...It seemed to me that it was too expensive for what it was, plus I'm not gonna like anything that's Americanized Mexican

                    1. re: kirelerya

                      I agree, the food was okay, the service was decent, and the atmosphere (particularly the patio) was nice. However the entire experience was ruined by having to hear Nelly rap about how his "c***'s ready to let it go". You guys really need to reconsider your music selection.

                      1. re: mcmercy

                        That's "cocked, ready to let it go." Guns, not wieners. :)

                        I'll have to try this place. Only been to the Triangle to get a haircut at Salon Intuitions -- which was awesome, by the way -- but I was really surprised to see so many restaurants. I had no idea there was so much going on there! I'm hungry...

                  2. re: chascates

                    TAF and I lunched at Sago today. I'll let TAF make his own comments, but Sago is definitely not on my list. The red salsa was bland, and the green tasted like it was made from something moldy. I ordered the fish tacos, which were totally slathered with 1000 Island dressing. The few bits of uncontanimated fish I could find tasted pretty good. The charro beans were quite good. Service was "strange"; the restaurant was basically empty, but nobody was watching the desk. Afer several minutes a waiter deigned to seat us. Then another waiter showed up and there was obvious confusion over whose table it was.

                    1. re: thebodytx

                      Went to Sago after reading DR's review. 3 of us got the Pobalno chicken relleno and one got the fajita salad. For starters I got the ceviche salad. To begin with the chips served were terrifically salty. Way too salty. I have heard said often that the reason for that is to encourage you to drink more, Donno'. The green sauce was,IMO, quite good. The ceviche salad was, as DR described, more like a cole slaw and had too much cream dressing on it. I did not get a lime or acidic flavor or fish flavor like the ceviche I had eaten before. IMO, scratch that one. The entree, however, uniformly agreed on by all of us, was quite good. The honeyed rice was flavorful, unique and served as a good counter part for the Poblane. The chicken was fresh tasting and had a very good cream sauce whose name I cannot recall right now. Charro beans were good, not outstanding, but had a pleasant, mild spicey flavor. All together, a good dinner. I don't know if I will go back because other items did not look that interesting. May go back for the Cheese Enchiladas, don't know yet.

                      1. re: singlemalt

                        How did you feel as to price/value? I went in and read the menu and thought they were a little on the high side and didn't stay and eat. Went across the way to Mandola's

                        1. re: amysuehere

                          The poblano chicken was 10.95, My wife thinks it is reasonable enough considering the prep, location and amount of food. She's a better judge of such things than I am. Hope that helps.

                          1. re: singlemalt

                            Went yesterday. Pobalno chicken relleno. This is the reason they should stay.

                      2. re: thebodytx

                        Yes, that was my experience too-- the service was "strange", with a basically empty restaurant. I was seated in full view of everything, in the center (woman eating alone). The food was good modern Mexican, except the cilantro-honey rice was a bit too strange.