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Feb 28, 2008 10:35 AM

No. 9 Park- Still fab?

House sitting in Beacon Hill (late March)and thinking of No. 9 Park for a ritzy, extra special dinner...Your thoughts? Is B.Lynch still working her magic there? Or is there another Beacon Hill(or surrounding area)spot that you'd reccomend?

Thanks for your valuable input!

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  1. No. 9 is still outstanding, although more overpriced with each passing year.

    The other high-end suggestion in the area would be Troquet, across the Common. Very good food, and a stunning wine program. To me, No. 9 wins on cocktails and service, Troquet has the edge on wine, and possibly even food.

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    1. re: finlero

      What they said, would added emphasis on that I believe Troquet has much better food, though I've definitely had some winners at No. 9.

      1. re: sailormouth

        Troquet look great too...any thoughts on the tasting menu? service at No.9 vs Troquet?

        1. re: Bunnyfood

          I think service is marginally better at No. 9, I've really enjoyed that tasting menu at Troquet.

          1. re: Bunnyfood

            For a variety of reasons, I've been generally less enamored of tasting menus recently, but Troquet is a place where given the time and funds, I'd definitely make it a point to try, largely due to the wine selection.

            Whereas most restaurants start with the food and choose wine to pair, Troquet does it in reverse, selecting a variety of interesting and often obscure wines, then constructing a menu to pair. This should just be a clever throwaway gimmick, but they execute it so well that it can transcend the confines of the concept. I also really like the fact that they pour their wines in 2-, 4-, or 6-oz sizes, meaning you can finish your evening with some remaining command of your taste buds.

            As sailormouth alluded, the service isn't as consistent as at No. 9, occasionally being a little disorganized. I'm also always vaguely annoyed that the tables are too close together, although this matters less if you can score a window table overlooking the Common. But the food and wine make up for a lot.

            1. re: finlero

              I still stumble out drunk after all that wine.

      2. Looking at some other threads...any thought on Mistral? Or the idea of dinner one place, cocktails/dessert elsewhere?