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Feb 28, 2008 10:27 AM

Where can I find organic beef stock

I am actually attempting to make a recipe that calls for beef stock.I don`t want to use the canned super market stuff and I would prefer organic.Does anybody know of a place in the city that sells it?

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    1. Any reasonably-sized natural foods store. Off the top of my head: big carrot, noah's, qi, essence of life.

      1. 'em to make sure but I believe I've seen stocks at Healthy Butcher...

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        1. re: Recyclor

          Healthy Butcher definitely has stocks.

        2. I bought some a few weeks ago at the St Lawrence Market, lower floor, in the dry goods store tucked away at the very north end. They sell Wolfgang Puck's brand of organic beef broth. I thought it was okay, a pretty mild flavour and not too salty. If think I recall it being a pretty reasonable price, too.

          1. Cumbrae's has good frozen beef stock.