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Feb 28, 2008 10:20 AM

Brunch in Falls Church/Tysons Corner/Vienna?

I love a good brunch and have tried many of the restaurants named in other threads on this site. But most brunch spots seem to be located in DC and I'm hoping to like to find a few closer to home, so I won't always have to drive so far on a lazy weekend morning. Can anyone suggest some good Sat/Sun brunch options in the Falls Church/Tysons Corner/Vienna area? Arlington would be okay too, but I'm most interested in options that aren't located right along the Wilson Blvd. strip. (Unless there's something there too good to miss!)

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  1. 4 P's in Falls Church has a great, reasonably priced brunch. It's our go to place when we wake up starving, but lazy. Irish soda bread french toast. Mmmmmmm.

    For a more special occassion brunch, we head to J. Gilbert's in McLean. A bit pricier, with a wider variety of food, in a more upscale setting.

    Both are buffets and only on Sunday.

    1. Chutzpah has brunch available on weekends. You can get a bagel with lox and cream cheese, or a huge breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, bagel, home fries, etc.

      1. Arties is good. It is one of the Great American Restaurants. It's on old lee highway and RT. 50 so that's fairfax but not far away from your target area.