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Feb 28, 2008 10:09 AM

Floyd's 1921 Restaurant, Morehead City, NC

Has anyone been to this restaurant? I looked at the menu online and it looks interesting, but would like to hear from someone whose been before I give it a try. Thanks.

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  1. We've been there twice. The wait staff are very friendly. The mango/oyster salad is outstanding. My fish dish was o.k., nothing to rave about. My wife felt like a sandwich, and had an incredible Ruben. We returned one night for a light dinner of Rubens and they were not nearly as large or as well made as the initial sandwich. The meat was tough.
    It's worth a visit just for the salad, we had it both times.

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      Where is this place located in MHC?

      1. re: NXS

        It's on 4th and Bridges street. Bridges parallels Arendell and 4th is very near the end of Arendell heading to Beaufort. It's in the building that Franco's used to occupy.