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Lings Kitchen - Fords, NJ

Does anyone know if Ling's Kitchen that was located in Fords/Edison is going to rebuild? I think this was the best Chinese Food Restaurant in the area. Does anyone know where their cooks are?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes!! Finally Ling's Kitchen is opening it's doors soon. I can't wait, this is the best chines food i've tasted in Middleses, Somerset, Union and Monmouth Counties. Mmmmmmmmmm I can't wait!!!!!!

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      OMG!!! Really, when and where? I love that place! Do you know if they will open at the same location! I live in MD now but would drive to NJ just to get lings!!

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        Where in Fords is Lings going to be? I work at the GSParkway building and am looking for good chinese in the area. Everything else is mediocre

      2. Isn't this place take out only ?

        1. Just stopped by an hour ago ... bare room ... no tables , stove ... nothing !

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            Went past earlier this week and there are signs of progress ! Looks like furniture and kitchen stuff inside ! Much better than the bare room last time !

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              It's now May 2009. Has it opened yet? I haven't passed by there in a while.

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                Passed by the other day, no, not yet, still has paper in the windows.

          2. Looks like this place will be opening July 21st.

            1. sorry LINGS KITCHEN is new the name was soid. i;ll give it a try

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              1. Door was open Sunday and the sign in the window said open July 21 !

                1. My family owned Ling's Kitchen for years. I just wanted to make it clear that after the fire, we've made the difficult decision not to reopen. The restaurant is being opened by new owners who are keeping the name. Our family appreciates all of your support over the years and we loved being a part of the community - thank you all for the memories!!

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                    Sorry to hear that, it was the best Chinese food I ever had and would drive from MD back to NJ just to get some, if you're family ever decides to reopen somewhere else please let everyone know!

                    Ling's Chinese Kitchen (732-738-0088/0222), 503 New Brunswick Av, Fords, NJ 08863
                    had their Grand Opening today & gave their Customers a 10% discount. Most Customers had a 2 HR + wait for their order; standing room only inside & most waited outdoors & chatted. The food was 'excellent' once you got home to eat. There were about 8 men working at the stoves & a Grandma & young Woman worked in the back also. All worked at full speed & did find it difficult to keep up with the Customers. If it was this good on opening day; I'm sure we will be able to depend on them for a long time to come. Good Luck to the New Owners of LING's !!!

                    1. I went to Lings and ordered several items. I was very disappointed with the food. My family and I could not finish eating the food because it was not good at all. Not until checking this site did I realize that Ling's is under new management. Do not waste your money going to this place. I even chatted with the people who are running the place and they made it seem s though they were the same owners as before Ling's burned down. I wish the name was not the same because at least people would know not to expect the same quality of food they had come to know as Ling's. I have not found a decent place for chinese food in this area. When I am in the area or feel like taking a drive, I get fabulous chinese food from Hunan Wok III which is located on East Broad Street in Westfield. It is the absolute best. It is truly worth the effort to go there and get take-out or eat in. There are only a few tables in there so I always get take-out. FABULOUS FOOD!!!

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                        I have been a Lings customer for quite some time. I remember all the lovely faces that I no longer see anymore. I also have tried Lings several times since it reopened under new ownership. I am also disappointed with every item that I've tried. It's not that the food isn't good, it's just not what we're use to. We've been spoiled by the original owners and now there's no place that can compare to the flavor & the quality of food that Ling's have given us over the years. I ask the question again..."Does anyone know where the original cooks are?"

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                          I've went back to Lings for about two times a week since they've opened and i have to say that i do not taste that much of a difference. Sure, there is a smidge of difference but i have to say it's still the best chinese food around. I've talked to the girl in the front and although it is "under new management", they have managed to keep it in the family. The people running the place are extremely friendly and they always remember my name as soon as i walk into the door and they know exactly what i always order. My son is a particularly picky person and he wouldn't eat particular veggies and they were willing to customize everything to the way i want it. i guess it's up to personal taste because i see a few people who do not like their food anymore but hey, i am one customer that their amazing service and good food has kept.