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Feb 28, 2008 10:01 AM

Lings Kitchen - Fords, NJ

Does anyone know if Ling's Kitchen that was located in Fords/Edison is going to rebuild? I think this was the best Chinese Food Restaurant in the area. Does anyone know where their cooks are?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes!! Finally Ling's Kitchen is opening it's doors soon. I can't wait, this is the best chines food i've tasted in Middleses, Somerset, Union and Monmouth Counties. Mmmmmmmmmm I can't wait!!!!!!

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    1. re: cjh6897

      OMG!!! Really, when and where? I love that place! Do you know if they will open at the same location! I live in MD now but would drive to NJ just to get lings!!

      1. re: cjh6897

        Where in Fords is Lings going to be? I work at the GSParkway building and am looking for good chinese in the area. Everything else is mediocre

      2. Isn't this place take out only ?

        1. Just stopped by an hour ago ... bare room ... no tables , stove ... nothing !

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          1. re: arpad

            Went past earlier this week and there are signs of progress ! Looks like furniture and kitchen stuff inside ! Much better than the bare room last time !

            1. re: arpad

              It's now May 2009. Has it opened yet? I haven't passed by there in a while.

              1. re: underwdi120

                Passed by the other day, no, not yet, still has paper in the windows.

          2. Looks like this place will be opening July 21st.

            1. sorry LINGS KITCHEN is new the name was soid. i;ll give it a try

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