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Feb 28, 2008 09:44 AM

Boston Hound Seeks West Palm Beach area restaurant for 50th

Hi, Looking for a chowish experience for a 50th birthday celebration. Great food, not too stuffy, with decent veggie options for one guest, table for 7, view would be nice. Any type of ethnic is fine. I've searched this board, and so far, "The restaurant", Taboo, Cafe Boulud, Solu, L'Escalier all sound wonderful. Any other options I've missed? Two of the guests are college age girls, the rest in their prime! Any and all help greatly appreciated!

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  1. Your posting caught my eye as I am flying to Miami on March 3 from Ohio. I don't know if you would consider "Morton's" The Steakhouse, special enough for this event but I cut out a coupon from their website for dinner for 2 for $99. It's a really good deal and while I don't know if you can have multiple coupons per table, it's worth a look-see if you are having multiple checks. I have never eaten there before, so maybe it's over-rated, I don't know, but I am anxious to give it a try at that price. If not for the Birthday celebration, maybe just for two of you another night.

    By the way, who is turning 50? I just realized it is a B-Day you are celebrating. At first, I thought it was an Anniversary party. I am hitting that unbelievable milestone as well, August 26th. I actually, forgot about that. I guess, trying to forget, I should say! ha ha.

    Have a great time!

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      I'm turning 50!!! I did want it to be fun, and I'd consider the steak house, but I have a vegetarian in the group who would probably not be happy. I did more research and decided on 32 East in Delray, thanks to the postings on the board. Sounds like great food in an easy environment. Enjoy your milestone - much better than the alternative, and now I have an excuse for the crows feet and tummy!

    2. In case you are still not 50, here are some suggestions...some of the ones you've mentioned are in Palm Beach, but my fav is Cafe L'Europe. Ethnic in West Palm is La Sirena...Italian, pricy but fabulous. A tad further down in price range is the steakhouse The has great food, and also has a huge salad bar, with great sides of veggies for your one guest. Back on the island,I had my 50th at Trevini, which is in the Esplanade on Worth Avenue, where Saks is. If you are a Rush Limbaugh fan, he is know to hang there with the new girlfriend! Also, a little further down Worth Avenue is Renatos...excellent Italian and you can eat outside in the courtyard. Happy Birthday!