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Feb 28, 2008 09:36 AM

Best Ham in Cleveland

Okay, Easter's a few weeks away and I am looking for the Best HAM in Cleveland. When in Columbus, we discovered a local supplier, Falter's Hams..which was AWESOME but not accessible up here. It was better than Heavenly Ham or Honey Baked. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

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  1. Strebs meats in Dalton are my favorite hams, as they are dry aged and smoked in the traditional country manner, but Dalton is 1 hour south of Cleveland.
    Strebs, (330) 828-8835

    I would suggest that you look around at the West Side Market or maybe Heinens.

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      Thanks for the hour's drive wouldn't be that bad...might be a nice ride!

      1. re: Tam847

        You need to call first, as they don't sell retail in Dalton, but they will be able to tell you what stores carry their products. The Buelhers in Medina carry Strebs, but you might need to call the meat dept, as they are in tight demand during the holidays. They might be able to ship it to you from Dalton if Buelhers don't have them.

        Buelhers, Medina , river Styx at 77-18 Phone: (330) 725-5000

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          I tried to edit my post, as the Buelhers store is not far from the I-71-18 interchange at River Styx, on the SW side.

          Sorry about that.

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          For dry aged country style hams you could also try the Old Country Smokehouse at 40th and Payne. I think they have a variety of brands. It looks like it might be closed but it looked the same way when I went a couple years ago. Call ahead.

          I've had some other products from the Sausage Shoppe but I've never tried the ham that they sell. Judging from its placement on their website, they are very proud of it. When Sheffler Hams closed their doors the proprietors came to the Sausage Shoppe and taught them how to do it. The Sausage Shoppe still refers to it as Sheffler Ham. The Sausage Shoppe is recognized across the region for an extensive line of fresh meat products. Both the ham and their ham salad won awards at an Ohio meat industry competition.

          I think I'm talking myself into a visit. They sell quarter hams which almost seems like a manageable quantity for two people.