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Feb 28, 2008 09:08 AM

Drury's Hotel on Poydras - Rating and Environs

Making my first trip back to NO since ill-fated convention at Hyatt on 9/11/01 (that's a whole 'nother story) and ended up at the Drury's on Poydras based on raves at
Flying in Sat AM 3/15; flying out Tuesday 3/19 noon-ish. Is this hotel as nice as advertised (the 3 free drinks per day certainly caught my eye) and what's around there food-wise to check out? I know about Luke and Mothers already. Dunno yet if I'll have a car or not. Lived at Gen'l Pershing and Carondolet for a year in the 70's so I know (knew?) the City some. 4 old roommates getting together for bits of a weekend looking for some recommendations.

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  1. Please do help with finding good food, but lodging is outside the scope of what Chowhound is about. Thanks, everyone!

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      The only reason I posted it this way is the rather extensive discussion of the W hotels in N.O. on this board.

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        Little Dizzy's, Cochon, Cafe Adelaide, Ernst, Tommy's, Horinoya, MiLa, Bon Ton - there are tons of places within walking distance. I have never stayed at that hotel - sorry no advice for ya there.

        1. re: mrsfury

          I'd also add Cuvée and Restaurant August to the mix, as they are also near-by. Both are up a level (price, ambiance, etc.) from Cochon (which was wonderful), but should be considered for a higher-end dining experience.


          1. re: Bill Hunt

            Thanks for the tips, mrsfury & Bill Hunt. I've heard a lot about Cochon (see other thread on NYT naming it one of USA's 10 best restaurants.) Will that make it impossible to get into? Do they take reservs? Guess I could check website. How many of the places you recommend are open for lunch?

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                I did my reservations in Aug, via Open Table, as HC suggests. Worked beautifully. Fortunately, New Orleans does not jump en masse, when a great review comes out. Yes, the business may pick up a bit, but most of the serious diners know of most of the places already. They might get "reminded" of one, that they had not thought of for a time, but are quite unlike, say the diners in Phoenix, who flood to the latest review, or opening. Maybe they are more set in their ways, or just more comfortable that they know good food, but reviews seem to create small waves, and not tsunamis, like in other environs. I'd not wait too long, however, as they were full on our visit (no major conventions, no fairs or events and in the Summer). We saw crowds there, as we passed to other restaurants all of that week.


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                  All I posted, except Tommy's, are open for lunch. PS, my friend calls the Drury the Dreary. Sorry.

        2. The location is great food-wise, within walking distance of a lot of great places. I stayed there for the national championship game (Geaux Tigers!) in January 2003 and I thought it was gross. Smelly and dirty.

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            I agree that the location is good - with a lot of various priced options within walking distance. But the hotel is probably a notch below OK.

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              Bummer. I hope they've "cleaned up their act" before I get there (nyuk, nyuk.)

            2. I've stayed at this chain because they allowed pets- so not the greatest. They did offer free drinks at the bar though. The area has many good places to eat nearby (as mentioned by mrsfury). Horinoya, MiLa, Palace Cafe. . .better than the free snacks at the hotel.

              1. Of course, Drury Hotels is a huge chain and it is nothing special at all. No restaurant there but plenty in neighborhood.