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Feb 28, 2008 08:19 AM

Best Porterhouse

I'm looking for the best porterhouse in NYC that I've never had, problem is I've had them at...

Peter Luger
Strip House
Uncle Jacks
Del Frisco's
Mark Joseph
Dylan Prime
Bull and Bear

Where should my next porterhouse be from? Sides and atmosphere are not a concern, and I'm talking real USDA prime dry aged porterhouse, not a Tbone for 1 at Outback.

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  1. It seems as you're such an afficiado you should go to Porter House - it would look right on your list anyway! But it hasn't had very good reviews.
    Sometimes Morton's is very good, and the new Bobby Van's opposite the Stock Exchange is great looking, I'd try those too.

    1. Well, it looks like you hit most of the best known spots. However, I notice that PORTERHOUSE isn't on your list. Nor is BLT Steak. Personally, I liked the porterhouse at PORTERHOUSE more than at BLT Steak. I haven't been there yet, but Quality Meat isn't on your list either.

      1. I don't order porterhouse when I can have a ribeye. I also like to frequent local steakhouses more than national chains.

        That said, one of the best steakhouse steaks I've had was at a Capital Grill in Dallas. I haven't tried the one here yet but given the list of places you've tried if you're in the mood for something new you might want to give it a shot.

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        1. re: mahalan

          Thanks, I also have not heard great things about Porterhouse. Anyone tried Ben and Jacks?

        2. Definitely need to hit Ben and Jacks and BLT Prime. Those are the only two I can think of. I think Ben and Jacks is the best/most consistent of all the Luger clones. BLT prime, I haven't had the porterhouse there but I love the rest of their steaks.

          If you are looking only for USDA Prime Dry Aged, skip Mortons as they wet age their steaks and it isn't worth half the price they charge. Also, BLT Steak does not serve dry aged steaks, even though BLT Prime does. I haven't tried Porter House or Quality Meats, so I can't comment on those.

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          1. re: ESNY

            Yep, for the ones not on your list have to definitely recommend Ben & Jack's.

          2. GTopp, Like you I am a steak lover and of course my favorite steak is the porterhouse. I am impressed by your list! One that you definitely need to try is BLT Prime. It was one of the best porterhouses I have had. Just as a side note, who do you think serves the best porterhouse? From your list I have tried PL, Keens, Uncle Jack's, Del Frisco's (not porterhouse), Ruth's Chris.

            For me Luger's is still the top steakhouse in the land and always will be, however UJ, Keens, and BLT Prime were all terrific. Seems like you know your steak and I would value your opinion.

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            1. re: steakrules85

              Wolfgangs Tribeca was probably the best, but I really believe that any top tier steakhouse can be hit or miss depending on the day (even PL's, sorry). I think if you went to the same place 5 nights in a row, or even from table to table on any given night, you would get a range of steak quality, from very good to excellent. All of those places have the ability to be at the top of the list, or at the bottom depending which night you pick. The purpose of my query was not to find the 13th best porterhouse, but to see what other steakhouses people would put in their top tier based on steak alone, and just hope I pick a good night to go.

              1. re: GTopp

                If it were me (after scoping your list), I would venture to Craftsteak.

                1. re: GTopp

                  How bout Robert's Steakhouse?
                  Honestly, not quite a guarantee but some people with some real knowledge swear it is top notch. Personally, never been but I would only eat steak at probably 3 places (and I am a steak guy) but would be willing to go to Robert's(if someone else was paying). I get it about the atmosphere, it sucks. Actually that is part of the reason I wouldn't pay for it myself even if it were fairly priced. Not that it is SO much more expensive.
                  If you are purely on a meat quest, it seems like the best and most obvious choice.

                  If you go, hope it is good, otherwise, I will have to revert to basics. Never trust anyone about something I don't think has a chance to be good, just a publicity ploy.