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Feb 28, 2008 08:05 AM

Highlights Festival Dining

Being brand new to Montreal, I have unfortunately totally missed the dining aspect of the Montreal Highlights Festival. BUT, I still have a few days. Are there any events (that still have openings) that people are particularly excited about?

Christopher Carpentier at Decca 77?
The $60 dinner at La Chronique on Sunday seems like a great deal!?
Happy hour at Pullman on Friday?


oh, link is here in case you don' have it

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  1. I'm very tempted by the "BORDEAUX ROVING AND REVERIES" at La Chronique on saturday, but it's expensive, and I don't have friends who would be ready to cash out that amount of money.

    also, maybe the 4th anniversary of "La Montée de Lait"..

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Sheesh. That IS expensive . . . but tempting.

      Montee de Lait is one of the few restaurants I've been to in the last month!

      1. re: Maximilien

        4th anniversary of MDL was (unsurprisingly) very, very good and actually cost $70/$150 as opposed to the $100/$200 advertised in the Montreal Highlights guide. It's the kind of thing you can likely still get in on at this late date. A lot of the more exclusive events might very well be sold out.

      2. I had originally posted some of the events that sounded intriguing to me on another post, but did not get much response. Due to a change of schedule i have been unable to attend, but would love to hear if any one went to any of these events. I was particularly interested in the Graziella event...