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Feb 28, 2008 07:57 AM

119th & Metcalf-KC

Can I get some recs for a nice sit down-not a chain restaurant in this area? Something for everyone kind menu-Bistro, Italian, or even a brew pub would be good. Thanks in advance!

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  1. You're right in the middle of chain-hell but there are a few options
    40 Sardines is at 119th and Roe.
    Spin Pizza
    I really like Chosun at 127th and Metcalf for Korean

    1. If you don't mind spending a mint (even though it is totally worth it) Amour Brazillian Fiery Steakhouse is right there. It works out to be about $50 a head before tip but you won't leave hungry

      1. Sounds like you are looking for Yia Yia's EuroBistro, at 119th and Roe, about a mile west of Metcalf ( Nice, but not too nice, with a range of price points. Nothing too exotic, but well-prepared. It is part of a chain, but it's a local chain

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          I actually love Yia Yia's, but there's one close to where I live, so we eat there a lot. Have any of you tried Korma Sutra?

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            Korma Sutra is very good, but small.

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              I remember Ruchi, at College and Antioch, as being a little bigger. Also excellent Indian.

          2. I just did a quick Google Maps of the area, and this place looks interesting

            Cassis KC ( -- another French bistro type place at 117th and Roe

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              Yeah, I took my mom to Cassi for lunch on her birthday last year. Great food, good service, nice atmosphere. I imagine it'd be pricey for dinner, but maybe if you're in a different income bracket than me...

            2. Some great recs no doubt, but no brew pubs. If you decide that is the route you want to take, I recommend Barley's Brewhaus at 119th and Quivira (a few minutes west) of your location. I really like the Buffalo Wrap, my brother-in-law LOVES the fish and chips (but I've never tried them). It is part of a local chain, but I think that the food is all made in house. They also have 99 beers on tap.

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                Paddy O'Quigley's 119th and Roe.. Part of chain, but they have excellent brew pub style food.