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Feb 28, 2008 07:48 AM

Where was I in MSP?

I am moving to Minneapolis (from New york) so I'm a bit lost. After leaving my job interview downtown, I took the train towards the airport, needing to kill time I asked someone on the train where there was a coffee shop. Someone told me to get off at the next stop and go west. I think I was at 38th?

Ok so that's how I got there, the thing was I had this awesome egg sandwich and a chai that I can't stop thinking about.

The place was small, it had a kids area with a mural. Everyone seemed nice even the customers. (Did I dream this place?) I can't seem to find out info on it.

Please help out this future Minnesotan. Any other suggestions on great coffee/cafe would be appreciated also.

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  1. Was this the place?

    Minneapolis probably has the highest per capita number of independent coffee shops for any city besides Seattle.

    1. Was it the Riverview Wine Bar and Cafe on, I think, 38th and 42nd? Forty-second would be the east-west street here. Across from the Riverview Theater. They have a kind of separate kids' area, like you described. It's a step-up from the regular coffee shop.

      It's attached to a wine bar, so you may have noted that.

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        Riverview is quite a walk from the light rail, and it's also east. My guess would be Tillie's.

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          I was wondering about that or the Minnehaha coffeeshop on 46th & 46th, but both of those are east of the light rail station.

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            "Everyone seemed nice even the customers."

            well, we can narrow it down from there! LOL just kidding, there aren't a lot of mean & surly, unwelcoming coffee houses 'round here. . .

            to the op: welcome! & there are some great, independent coffee/cafe places in every neighborhood in msp, too many to list & no need to drive/train away from home. . . do you know the area/neighborhood you'll be living in, so we can point you to a local place?

          1. We kind of glossed over your last sentence. If it's quality coffee you're after, whether you end up in Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, or the northern most tip of International Falls, I would make the trip to Kopplin's in St. Paul the first thing on your to-do list in Minnesota. The only very, very minor drawback to the place is it's tiny and you can't always find a seat to linger on a busy weekend day. Well...that and it's not attached to my house and convenient to my morning commute, which I consider significant drawbacks.

            Like others said, depending on what part of the area you settle into, there are a number of other nice coffee shops and cafes. Welcome.

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              Peggy Sue, see this thread on good coffee in the Twin Cities:



            2. I believe you were at Hiawatha Joe's on about 41st & Hiawatha. We visited for lunch a few weeks ago. Everything was fabulous.

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                Hiawatha Joe's is across Minnehaha Ave, so she would have gotten there by walking east instead of following directions to go west.

                For all the good coffee in S. Minneapolis -- and I would rank Cliquot above most of the spots named so far -- Jordan's suggestion of Tillie's Bean is the only one that matches Peggy's Sue's geography points.