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Feb 28, 2008 07:46 AM

SOS: Need bus + bar tips for Richmond/Vancouver

I am in Richmond on business, trapped in the company apartment with unsavory co-workers + no transportation! I have a desperate question:

Is there a bar (that's laid-back, good for people-watching, in which I can enjoy a book + drink by myself) in either Richmond or Vancouver *that I can bus to*? I'd be coming from North 3rd Road @ Westminster Highway, in Richmond, around 5-8 pm.

Thanks in advance for help w/such a comprehensive question - I didn't know where else to turn. Am looking for something low-key yet arty/entertaining, i.e. where do all the young people go?

Thank you for listening.

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  1. You can take one bus to downtown and you will have a large selection of bars (look around Granville and Robson and Gastown). For more low-key places, I personally like The Cascade on Main Street and Stella's on Commercial Dr. Both are one bus/train transfer away. I'll also recommend the izakaya scene downtown - for a food/drinks kind of scene. Look for my Google Map on this board.

    In Richmond (I don't go there much except to visit my relatives...and eat Chinese food) should have a look at Steveston Village.

    1. Take the 98 B-line downtown, get off at Waterfront and then walk down to Gastown. My preferred watering hole is Six Acres right on Carrall and Water St but there are a whole bunch of other places around.

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        Thanks to you both. Went to Railway Club last night which was low-key + good for reading at the bar. Tonight will check out Six Acres, then The Cascade Room on my way home. Will either of these be packed on a Friday night? Trying to avoid getting hawk-eyed for a table when I'm busy relaxing.

        Thank you for listening.

        1. re: dontyouforgetaboutme

          The Railway Club! (An old haunt for me.) I didn't consider it because they often have live bands...(I'm not even sure if this is the case...the last time I was there was the late 80's).

          The Cascade will be busier tonight...perhaps sit at the bar?

          1. re: dontyouforgetaboutme

            Mmmm, yeah, both should probably be packed. Depends on how early it is at Six Acres, but I've definitely seen it empty around 3 or 4 where I relaxed with a beer and a book, but then usually there's a lineup on weekend nights.

            Good luck with both! (There is a bench along the second floor that looks out over the lower floor in Six Acres that would be great for reading/drinking though.)

            1. re: peter.v

              Parked it at Six Acres for hours - a lovely spot for reading, even on a Friday night! It got crowded but the waitstaff was kindly accommodating (sat @ 2nd floor counter - thanks for the tip). They were out of Oban and don't carry Dewar's, but this only served as a reminder that Bushmill's is pretty great too.

              How's Irish Heather? Looked cute but was afraid to walk in (where I come from non-locals should never just waltz into an Irish pub).

              Thank you. Still planning to check out The Cascade. Thank you.

              1. re: dontyouforgetaboutme

                Update: the Cascade bartender was an attentive pro, and the cod cakes were tasty. Thanks for the tip!

                Soma's also cozy for weeknight reading/drinking/relaxing.

                Add'l pointers are welcome! Thank you.

        2. check out Brick House on a weeknight. in chinatown. 730 Main street.

          its quite eclectic, fantastic people watching spot, and extremely conducive to reading (they have stack and stacks of shitty pulp and romance novels). no food though, and bizarre bar staff. but it has a buttload of character.