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Feb 28, 2008 07:34 AM

Children's Choice School Lunches

Our elementary school is considering 'outsourcing' the school lunches to Children's Choice. They have 12 choices a day, 8 cold opentions (including vegan) and 4 hot. They are a green business, and source locally whenever possible.
Does anyone have any experience with this?

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  1. Our elementary school uses Children's Choice. We have been very satisfied. A nice range of food, I can always find something for my picky eater. Their ordering internet interface is very good, great resource for the working parent. And one day when I forgot to set up my menu for the month, they went ahead, fed my child and just billed me, which was great because otherwise she would have gone without lunch. My personal experiences with them have been positive.

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      This is great information, thanks, Recycleit! Any menu options that your little one particulary likes? Things you wish they had?

    2. Our son's school uses Kid Chow, which seems well-liked by those who use it. The school tried Revolution Foods as a replacement vendor for its hot-lunch component, but it didn't work out.

      1. HI!
        My son's school use School Caterers. We love their menu choices because they serve mostly organic and wholegrain products. Also, they have very accurate web ordering system. There food is great and my son eats all his food without any complains. I am so thankful for their service 'cause the food makes my son healthy and my life easy too. Try them and there web site is

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          Wow...if you check out their website, they brag that their Friday pizza offering is from Pizza Hut. They also trumpet their partnership with Round Table. Not sure which they really use, and not sure how that fits their organic/whole grain story.

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