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Feb 28, 2008 07:25 AM

Anywhere I can get fresh local oysters by the sack?

some friends and I are coming to New Orleans next month. one of them is bringing his own oyster knife and we all wanted to get some local oysters in bulk form. Yes, I know restaurants probably do serve these but we do want to get them fresh provided that we are willing to do the work. anyone know a good source(shop, perveyor, fisherman, anything) to get some?
Thank you very very much.

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  1. there are a few places. the classic is P&J in the French Quarter, they supply oysters to most restaurants around town. you have to call them and reserve a sack in advance. their sacks contain 100 oysters and were about $25 last time I bought them.

    If 100 oysters is not enough--or too much, k-jean in Mid City sells 100 POUND sacks which is a lot of oysters. early in the season when I purchased one it was roughly 20 dozen. they were also the best oysters I've ever had. very salty. they purchase from different fishermen than P&J. if you don't want a full sack, being a seafood market they might be willing to sell you a few dozen unshucked.

    Deanie's on the lakefront sells sacks as well but I had a bad experience with them the last time, the oysters were not fresh at all.

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      I agree with the above. P&J has great service. Never bought from k-jean but they are very nice people.
      At the risk of assuming, does your friend with the oyster knife have the experience to do this hard, dirty work? You need to plan where to do this and will need a proper working surface and, perhaps, a glove & apron.
      Otherwise PJ's will shuck them for you, put em in a bucket and give you some shells to eat'em off of (these will need to be cleaned).

      1. re: rocuronium

        This is extremely sensible advice.
        We always bought our oysters from P&J. Daddy was really good at opening them but he always got help because one person can't keep up with the demands of a group of hovering, hungry oyster slurpers. Mama banished the entire operation to the patio and we still have the wonderful old antique table that was dedicated for the almost weekly oyster feasts. It's really messy.
        When Daddy was into his 80s, we did get P&J to open them into containers and they included all the oyster liquor. Not as sexy, but rocuronium's advice may be the best way to go if you don't have a good place to do this and a few people who are good at shucking.

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          hmm... that is a very good point. i doubt that guy's ever done this before. sooo... is my best bet at P&J's to have them shucked? would there be any problem with doing this? how about tipping for the shucking work?

        1. You can also try KJean on Carrolton in Mid City if you want to stay out of downtown, they have great fresh seafood

          1. If you know your way around town, my friends and I picked up a sack of oysters for $40 behind the shrimp lot in Westwego. Don't buy from the stalls in the shrimp lot though, they buy from these guys and their stuff is older.

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              Pretty much any seafood shop in the city will sell oysters by the sack; I've done it several times. I would see what seafood joint is close to where you are staying and call them up...