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Feb 28, 2008 07:23 AM

Enjoying a glass...

Last night, I was reminded of the restorative powers of a glass of wine.

It had been a long day: up @ 5:30, a full day of teaching art to teenagers, getting to the gym (very proud of that accomplishment), and then a critique for a project in a night class that lasted until 10:00 pm. My feet hurt, my mind was racing, I was famished and wired. Lots of reasons not to open a bottle of wine, mostly about it being a school night, and late, and tomorrow will be another late night.

So, I popped the cork on an inexpensive little white Burgundy I picked up at a tasting over the weekend:
Domaine Jean Pierre Seve 2006 Macon-Solutre $14.99 (!)

As I sat down with a glass of this, accompanied by a hunk of aged goat cheese from Northern Cal., a great thing happened: all the stuff from the day faded away, and there was just that moment, in the good company of family.

The wine was delicious: simple and refreshing. It's melony and slightly musky, a little rounded, yet bright.

And this morning? I'm having a great morning.

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  1. If I had my way, I'd be enjoying a glass right now. For that matter, I'd have a glass of wine on hand at all times! Restorative indeed.

    R. Jason Coulston

    1. Vickib,

      I am with you. We've had days similar to the one that you describe. Poor wife will come home with tales of woe and I'll grab a Montrachet and a block of Saint Andre Brie with some Carr's. We'll head to the deck to catch a lightening show, a glass of wine and a bit of cheese. Next thing we know, we have NOT eaten dinner, the lightening show is over, as is the local news on TV, but the night is great, as is the wine, the cheese and the conversation. Now, if we had only gone to the club for a workout, like you!

      It is not unusual, and life will go on. Wine is one of the rare pleasures of life and I would not miss it for the world. Thanks for the post.


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        "Now, if we had only gone to the club for a workout"


        saying that with a glass of Montrachet in your hand is plain cruel.

      2. just reading your description was restorative! Thanks.

        1. Awsome post...I can't wait for the weather to change here in CT so we can do that out on the deck under ths stars. WAY TOOO FREAKIN COLD!