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New Restaurant opening soon-Mooyah Burgers

SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Feb 28, 2008 07:03 AM

Heya folks,

Just wanted to give a quick heads up that new restaurant is opening soon called Mooyah Burgers. It's on the corner of Burnet and 183, almost next door to Chili's and Benihana. Apparently, they just offer burgers, shakes and fries.

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  1. amysuehere RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Feb 28, 2008 08:20 AM

    I'll be the first to try. Lemme know if you see it open.

    1. c
      cstrombe RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Feb 28, 2008 08:37 AM

      Looking forward to trying it. I fear another non-grilled dry-burger like Mighty Fine. Definitely going to check it out though. Thanks for the heads-up.

      1. j
        jwynne2000 RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Feb 28, 2008 05:37 PM

        Weird, I just started a thread about this place a few days ago, but it got deleted I guess. I believe it's supposed to be vaguely like In-n-Out. I'm looking forward to trying it one night, prior to a hop over to Bagpipes.

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        1. re: jwynne2000
          ridgeback RE: jwynne2000 Feb 28, 2008 05:57 PM

          Other than the burgers at Houston's I'm down on most everything I've found in Austin in the burger realm.

          That said, there's a new place out in CP that is pretty darn good. It's Willie O's on 1431 near 183A, behind the new Target. So if you're up in that neck of the woods, it's well worth a stop.

          Everything is fresh. The burgers are Angus beef. The fries are hand cut. In addition to regular fries they offer ribbon fries with your choice of Zapp's seasonings. It's essentially a homemade potato chip.

          Also, hand scooped shakes, and several other menu items...

          It's a class operation. Even the self-serve soda fountain is first class with crushed ice and several drinks that aren't regularly found at other places.
          It's a family run place, very clean and friendly.

          Definitely crave-able. They know what they're doing. I've been to Mighty Fine - once. And I wouldn't go back. But Willie O's is well worth many return visits.

          1. re: ridgeback
            noz RE: ridgeback Feb 28, 2008 11:13 PM

            Have you tried Gabbi's (Mo-Pac and Gracy Farms, in the back of the strip with Mangia)? I think that they've got good burgers - I especially like the jalapeno burger. The jalapenos end up under a layer of Jack cheese, so they stay in place. The buns are tasty and they hold up to the burger. They are just open for lunch, though. There's already a thread about Gabbi's in here somewhere.

            1. re: ridgeback
              cstrombe RE: ridgeback Feb 29, 2008 04:36 AM

              Couldn't agree more ridgeback. Houston's has great burgers, and everything else is a disappointment. I think for me it's because very few places use a grill. Top Notch is an exception--great thin-patty burgers. But there are no good thicker grilled burger places to be had.

              Willie O's sounds good. Will have to check it out.

              1. re: cstrombe
                ieathereforeiam RE: cstrombe Feb 29, 2008 11:57 AM

                Blue Star on Burnet happens to have burgers that are up there with Houston's. The bleu cheese burger there is excellent.

                1. re: cstrombe
                  rudeboy RE: cstrombe Sep 4, 2008 09:36 AM

                  Remember - Artz Rib House grills their burgers, and they have cheddar.

                  <darn, I just realized that this was old....it showed up as a new thred entirely!>

                2. re: ridgeback
                  sweet100s RE: ridgeback Mar 1, 2008 08:26 AM

                  I tried Willy O's, located in Cedar Park right next to the new Cinemark theater.

                  Enjoyed the french fries, the crushed ice for the sodas, and the exceptionally nice people who work there. But my burger had no sear and little flavor. After I didn't taste any flavor, I noticed that color of the outside of the burger was almost the same as the inside of the burger. It tasted as though it had been baked. (I know it wasn't, but that's what it tasted like.)

                  It's the type of place I'd really like to see succeed, but their burger has got to get better!

                  Some interesting new chow places being constructed nearby based on signs..

                  - Rosie's Pho
                  - Hayashi (maybe same as the terrific place in Wolf Ranch, Georgetown!?!)
                  - a non-chain pizza place

                  1. re: sweet100s
                    ridgeback RE: sweet100s Mar 2, 2008 01:16 PM

                    I know what you mean...maybe a little bland? I thought that the burger wasn't as greasy as I prefer. However I thought the beef had a good taste. Admittedly the fresh-cut fries and real shakes are what will bring me back when I'm in the area.

                    I haven't checked out Gabbi's or Blue Star yet but I will and thanks for the tips.

                  2. re: ridgeback
                    angelfoodmaker RE: ridgeback Jun 26, 2008 09:54 AM

                    Willie O's are OK but not great I like grilled on the grill not fried on the grill. Want to try Mighty Fine this weekend just to try it out. I actually thought Red Robin was better. Chilis actually has a improved burger now that actually is much better than their previous burgers in the past.

                3. MPH RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Mar 2, 2008 01:54 PM

                  Mooyah's is yet another Dallas-based franchise opening a location here in Austin. Since the restaurant hasn't actually opened in town, and thus no local 'hounds have reviewed it here, I thought I'd post a link to one of the discussions of their chow on the Texas board:


                  It has a few vocal fans, but overall, the reviews seem mixed.

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                  1. re: MPH
                    sanmiguel RE: MPH Mar 3, 2008 07:12 AM

                    According to a response I received from corporate, the Austin location won't open until sometime this summer.

                    1. re: MPH
                      pinotho RE: MPH Mar 3, 2008 01:20 PM

                      I've eaten at one of the Dallas locations....I was intrigued that a hound had compared them to In-N-Out..........taste for yourself , but I was definitely disappointed , and still wonder how that comparison ever found print....I think of In-N-Out as being juicy and tasty , and I think Mooyah is barely ordinary .

                      1. re: pinotho
                        amysuehere RE: pinotho Mar 3, 2008 01:29 PM

                        dammit. Will this ever NOT be the land of the bland...

                        If someone wanted to make a bundle, they'd open up a Kerby Lane-esk type place up here. Good breakfasts, edible lunch.

                        1. re: amysuehere
                          cstrombe RE: amysuehere Mar 3, 2008 02:21 PM

                          There's already a Kerbey Lane on 183. I prefer Jim's for both good breakfasts and edible lunch.

                          Mooyah's does sound disappointing though. If we're importing burgers from Dallas, I much prefer Snuffer's or Ball's--both good grilled thicker-than-normal burgers that are absent from Austin.

                          1. re: cstrombe
                            angelfoodmaker RE: cstrombe Jun 26, 2008 09:57 AM

                            Kerby Lane I saw is trying to open a new restuarant at anderson mills in the same shopping center as Red Robin

                            1. re: angelfoodmaker
                              ssouth RE: angelfoodmaker Jun 26, 2008 12:14 PM

                              It's my understanding that the Kerby Lane on 183 North is moving into the old Tres Amigos location there behind Red Robin.

                        2. re: pinotho
                          ridgeback RE: pinotho Mar 4, 2008 07:05 AM

                          I looked at that Dallas thread too. They also compared it to 5 Guys, which started as a tiny take-out only place in Arlington, VA. They are (or were, since it seems they have grown exponentially since I left the DC area 10 + years ago) known for excellent greasy burgers and cajun-spiced fries. They also used a bun from a fantastic bakery in Arlington. I'm not sure how their exponential growth has changed things for them.

                          Now that state health regs. require almost all burgers to be cooked to at least med-well, it's practically impossible to get a great, greasy burger.

                          I don't know how Houston's can cook a burger to order but no burger stand is allowed to.

                      2. n
                        nytexan RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Mar 3, 2008 08:29 AM

                        i can tell u that willy o's willl also be coming to round rock near the outlet more next year per the owner of the shoppig center,hyahsi is indeed in wolfs ranch in gtown but i havent tried it yet.rosie pho's is good and is in round rock next to the grapevine mkt on 35.

                        1. c
                          cstrombe RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Jun 26, 2008 08:59 AM

                          Any updates on Mooyah? Is it open yet? If not, any idea when?

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                          1. re: cstrombe
                            ieathereforeiam RE: cstrombe Jun 26, 2008 03:09 PM

                            drove by there today. it is not open.

                            1. re: ieathereforeiam
                              cstrombe RE: ieathereforeiam Jun 26, 2008 09:01 PM

                              Thanks for the update. They sure seem to be taking their time. It's been under construction for a long time.

                              1. re: cstrombe
                                stephanieh RE: cstrombe Sep 4, 2008 06:59 AM

                                Their website now says "opening Sept 08". It used to have nothing at all about the Austin location. I was by there last week and it wasn't open yet.

                                1. re: stephanieh
                                  sanmiguel RE: stephanieh Sep 4, 2008 10:46 AM

                                  I have finally given up waiting for this place to open. It hasn't been mentioned here but the chain has a tradition on opening day. The first 100 customers have been rewarded with free burgers for a year.

                                  1. re: sanmiguel
                                    stephanieh RE: sanmiguel Sep 5, 2008 06:30 PM

                                    Really? Free for a year? Have you had their burgers? Would they be worth "camping out" for?

                                    1. re: stephanieh
                                      sanmiguel RE: stephanieh Sep 6, 2008 05:34 AM

                                      It was originally scheduled to open several weeks ago so I'm glad I haven't "camped out" since then. I learned about the free burger deal by googling. Mooyah seems to pattern itself along the line of In-n-Out emphasizing freshness of ingredients.

                                      1. re: sanmiguel
                                        stephanieh RE: sanmiguel Sep 6, 2008 02:37 PM

                                        I was in the neighborhood again today, and they have a big "Now Hiring" banner, so I pulled up and saw lots of people inside busily getting it ready. I grabbed the first guy that came out and asked him when they're opening. (I didn't get his name, but he was the manager). He told me they are cautiously hoping to open a week from Monday (the 15th), provided they've passed their inspections by that date.

                                        He also told me they will be carrying on the opening day tradition. He gave me menus, and I'm absolutely stoked about finding another place that has Fresh Cut Fries. They are my passion. I hope the burgers are good too. I like the concept. You order Burger, Cheeseburger, or Bacon Cheeseburger. Everything else you want on it is free, including a few sauce options, grilled onions, jalapenos, plus the usual suspects.

                                        1. re: stephanieh
                                          sanmiguel RE: stephanieh Sep 6, 2008 03:36 PM

                                          I am looking forward to ordering an Iceberger. Same as the I-n-O "protein style". Instead of coming with a bun, the burger is carefully hand wrapped with leaves of iceberg lettuce. Good for us low carbers.

                                          1. re: calbee
                                            amysuehere RE: calbee Sep 22, 2008 02:01 PM

                                            Went today for lunch. The place was CROWDED, but the burgers were oodles better than Mighty Fine. Had the Ice Burger (wrap it in iceberg lettuce instead of a bun) with cheese, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, tomato.

                                            Regular is two patties (too much for me) and I searched but never found any shrooms. However, flavor was great and surprisingly, the way they wrapped my burger, it wasn't messy at all. Going to be a regular stop on my Atkins time.

                                            btw - the fries looked amazing. That will be hard to avoid.

                                            1. re: amysuehere
                                              ieathereforeiam RE: amysuehere Sep 22, 2008 03:08 PM

                                              I went today as well. I agree. better burgers than Mighty Fine. Probably the closest to In-n-out we have here. P. Terry's probably fits that too.

                                              The fries were pretty good. Double cheeseburger animal style with fries and a drink came in just under 10 bucks. not too bad.

                                              They don't know the InOut codes, so you just have to tell them what ingredients to put on there.

                                              The only glaring Neg was that it took literally 20 minutes for me to get my food. I'm sure that is just opening week kinks they will work out.

                                              1. re: ieathereforeiam
                                                amysuehere RE: ieathereforeiam Sep 23, 2008 07:09 AM

                                                I believe this is leaps and bounds above PTerry's

                                                1. re: amysuehere
                                                  Rene RE: amysuehere Sep 23, 2008 07:18 AM

                                                  What time did you go? Do you think they'll slow down a bit by 1:00 or should we shoot for 2:00.

                                                  I think Waterloo's burgers are alright. Any comparison to them is appreciated. I believe that if these are flavorful and juicy, the should be superior...

                            2. c
                              Carter B. RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Sep 23, 2008 10:44 AM

                              We went today. Arrived about 11:40 and had no wait to order and about a 10-minute wait to get the burger. It is a good burger. The meat had taste (i.e. properly salted). I've only done In-n-out twice but it does jive with my memories. I like the fact you get pretty much any combo of toppings for free (for the record I had lettuce, pickles, mustard and grilled onions on my cheeseburger). The double patties is more than enough burger for me.

                              Still, I'm not going to go that often, the burgers are thin and griddled and that's just not make my thing. I like the thicker, grilled burgers that are less greasy, juicer and more charred. I've been slowly trying new burgers at various restaurants and my favorite has been at Vin's Bistro with other good ones at Counter Cafe and Specs.

                              1. sweet100s RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Sep 23, 2008 01:15 PM

                                My burger was decent.

                                But the meal made me very hungry for the taste of a real charcoal-grilled burger.

                                Fries are fresh-cut. For flavor however, I prefer Central Market fries on 38th and Lamar, or Moonie's fries in Cedar Park.

                                Kudos for cleanliness and service!

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                                1. re: sweet100s
                                  Rene RE: sweet100s Sep 23, 2008 07:36 PM

                                  I wrote a positive review of my experience at Mooyah today and I can not figure out why it would have disappeared but, oh well... Good, tasty, juicy cheeseburger, British fish and chip style fries. Probably would compete more with Dirty's, Waterloo, HIll's, etc. My preference is the Houston's or Casino type burger but this one was very good for the thinner, well done burger. Toppings were very fresh and service was good, except for the fact that I was persuaded to over-order when I told the young lady at the counter of my light appetite.

                                  Would definitely go again... better than any fast food chain that I know of and as good or better than most burgers of this genre.

                                  1. re: Rene
                                    rudeboy RE: Rene Sep 23, 2008 07:54 PM

                                    Rene - you probably got deleted because someone flagged a new poster that was too loquacious.

                                    Anyhow, I went today. I like how you can choose what you want on the burger. I ordered single, cheddar, jalapeno, tomato, light mayo, mustard, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions, and pickles. Mine was cooked medium, it seemed...although it was a thin patty is was still pink inside. I agree with others, there's no reason to get the double unless you are under 30 and have a healthy appetite.

                                    Fries were pretty good, but I saw the guy take them out before the beeper sounded - I could have used crispier fries. The worst thing was that my buger came with American cheese instead of cheddar. They offered to make me another burger, but I hate to waste food. Anyhow, it ruined the whole experience.

                                    I'd go back, but it would be hard to pass up the charcoal burgers at Top Notch - I have to pass TN to get to Mooya's. About the same price, I suppose.

                                    1. re: rudeboy
                                      Rene RE: rudeboy Sep 23, 2008 08:31 PM

                                      Forgot to mention that the bread was nice, service was great and there was an error with my order which was immediately corrected. The available malt vinegar and in house made seasoned salt were nice touches.


                                      1. Talkative or chatty, especially of persons given to excess conversation.

                                      I've enjoyed your posts, Rude, but I've been posting for over two years and I don't see excessively chatty.

                                      Totally with you on the Top Notch charcoal burger!

                                      1. re: Rene
                                        rudeboy RE: Rene Sep 23, 2008 10:03 PM

                                        Rene - I typed too fast in my original response; I wasn't talking about you. There was another poster, first time, who exclaimed that Mooya's had the "best burger ever and the best fry's ever." Both you and scrumptious had replies *under* the one that got deleted, so they were all deleted. So take no offense, you were a hapless victim!

                                        I agree that the presence of the malt vinegar was a nice touch. Did they have to remake your burger? Maybe I should have had them remake mine. They were very nice about it.

                                        1. re: rudeboy
                                          Rene RE: rudeboy Sep 23, 2008 11:00 PM

                                          Thanks, man... I was really thoughtful in my original post and was trying to make it relevant! So sorry for the defensiveness.

                                          There was no need to remake the sandwich... they just forgot to put the pickles on when I requested extra pickles.

                                          If I received American vs. Cheddar, I may have not been so easy...

                                      2. re: rudeboy
                                        sweet100s RE: rudeboy Sep 24, 2008 07:14 AM

                                        Hello Rudeboy,

                                        How are Top Notch's fries?

                                        (Rene, he just wanted to make you look up loquacious ; - ).

                                        1. re: sweet100s
                                          rudeboy RE: sweet100s Sep 24, 2008 07:27 AM

                                          You know, not that memorable. I was actually thinking that I could sneak a TN burger into Mooya's (or even Trudy's, as I like their wedge fries).

                                          Usually, I get a burger w/o fries anyhow. When i order fries, I often only order fries and eat them wit a mound of peppery ketchup and a little mustard. To me, having both fills me up too much. Plus, i only like fries for the first five minutes, piping hot just out of the fryer.

                                          1. re: rudeboy
                                            sweet100s RE: rudeboy Sep 24, 2008 09:20 AM

                                            == Usually, I get a burger w/o fries anyhow.


                                            == When i order fries, I often only order fries and eat them wit a mound of peppery ketchup and a little mustard.

                                            Have you tried Central Market fries?

                                            Scrumptious' other topic on fries made me stop by there on way home mid-afternoon one day for fries and their burger, as I'd not had one from them in a couple years and remembered both fries and burger as being delicious, but especally the fries. Ate maybe 2 bites of the burger (yum), a couple of the fries (yum), got up to get mustard, returned and my plate was gone! GONE!

                                            I thought it was an evil prank! A french fry thief on the loose!

                                            (It was actually just an incredibly efficient busboy. I now tease him as the french fry thief when I return ; - )

                                            They made me a new one and I enjoyed both for ~ 2 more meals ( the fries diced and hamburger meat in a breakfast hash).

                                            1. re: sweet100s
                                              rudeboy RE: sweet100s Sep 24, 2008 09:51 AM

                                              I know it is scandalous, but I make a big production out of the burger itself, and the "fry's" just get in the way! So I prefer to enjoy them separately. When I could eat more, I'd always order fries first, eat them, then order the burger.

                                              No, I haven't had the fries at CM, but I'll be sure and have fries and chardonnay next time I bring my kid there.

                                              Oh, I noticed that Mooya's makes their own bread and the meat is never frozen. The bun is soft, looks like a typical white bun, but has a profound sweetness to it. It didn't taste like HFCS to me.....

                                              I'd forgotten that Top Notch has a normal store-bought bun.

                                          2. re: sweet100s
                                            Rene RE: sweet100s Sep 24, 2008 07:38 AM

                                            It worked...

                                    2. o
                                      orb RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Sep 25, 2008 07:12 PM

                                      I've been twice since the opening, more for the newness than for anything else. The food is quite good - especially the fries. And, if anyone is wondering, the veggie burger is quite good. It's a black bean patty that sort of reminds me of the morningstar spicy black bean burger.

                                      The crowds were really big when I went at lunch time, which when added to the overall fast-food feel of the place, was a real turn-off for me. The second time I went later in the day and had a much more pleasant meal.

                                      1. d
                                        danny_w RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Oct 1, 2008 11:24 AM

                                        I went there for lunch today since I was in the area. There was only 1 customer in line when I went, which should have told me something. And I thought Hill-Bert's was greasy! They don't have anything on Mooyah Burger. I liked the crisp veggies and cheddar cheese, but not the burger itself. And the fries, although tasty, were greasy and v-e-r-y salty (I like a lot of salt, but you can get too much you know). Anyway, I doubt I will go again. Sonic's #2 beats it by a mile (and that says a lot).

                                        1. n
                                          noz RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Oct 12, 2008 04:29 PM

                                          I went twice in the course of a week because it was convenient. The first time I thought was decent - there was actually flavor in the patty, which put it way ahead of Mighty Fine in my book. Fries were really greasy.

                                          Took a friend a few days later since I needed to go to that area, and I had what I would have to describe as a salt patty with a little meat mixed in. Probably the saltiest thing that I've ever eaten that clearly wasn't supposed to be salty.

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                                          1. re: noz
                                            danny_w RE: noz Oct 21, 2008 07:40 AM

                                            I decided to give them another try yesterday, primarily because I loved the fresh veggies. Well, the fresh veggies were still great (the crispest and freshest I have had on a hamburger) but the rest was mediocre at best. And while I was there I saw one of the cooks place grab a friend's shirt with his gloved hand and then go right back to cooking without changing the glove. Yuck!

                                          2. s
                                            stephanieh RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Oct 23, 2008 09:47 AM

                                            I finally made it to Mooyah this week. Interesting psychological marketing going on there. (I'm not faulting them for it.) If you order the Mooyah burger, it's actually the double. I knew that going in, and even read the other comments here about the Junior being enough (but silently made note that those posters probably ate like birds.) Now, I'm not normally someone who orders a double cheeseburger (occasionally, but not regularly). However, I'm also not the "Junior" type (that's the "kids meal" term). I was starving, had skipped breakfast, so although I was completely aware of the marketing ploy... I opened my mouth, and out came "Mooyah cheeseburger". I'm glad I did. I liked the bun-to-meat ratio of the double, and although the Junior might be filling enough, I don't think I'd have cared for the thin patty on the Junior. So, maybe I'll have to get the double from now on, and try to stop myself from eating the whole thing. (I order the bigger patty at Fudd's for the same reason.) Wasteful? Slightly, but I get the flavor I want.

                                            The burger: As I said, thin, but not if you double up. (I'd still rather have one really thick burger patty, but these aren't trying to be that kind of burger, so I won't compare unfairly.) It was seasoned well, but I didn't find it too salty, as Noz did. First bite was gristly, which didn't bode well, but the rest wasn't, and I could tell it hadn't been previously frozen. It was juicy, and only a little greasy, but in a good way.

                                            The bun: I didn't find it as sweet as rudeboy did, but I didn't sample it separately, so saltiness of the burger could have affected the sweet factor. They toast the bun, but then wrap the hot burger in a foil wrap, so it gets steamed and a little mushy. At first, I didn't believe it was fresh-baked as advertised, but toward the middle of the bun, it took on a doughy-ness that made it feel fresher. I liked it, but I've had better buns.

                                            So, for points of reference, I like Moonies and Gabbi's burgers slightly better. But, this burger was far better than the one I had at Mighty Fine. I wouldn't compare it unfairly to Houston's or Hill's (in the "thick burger" category). Dirty's is probably a fair comparison food-wise, but the total experience is different. (I'd choose Dirty's, but Mooyah is more convenient for me).

                                            The Fries: I. Loved. Them. They were hand-cut, and maybe slightly overcooked that day, so they were crispy and had a deeper color than most fries. Salted plenty, so I didn't need to use the salt packets I swiped before I left. That made me happy. Oh, and that skipping breakfast thing made me choose the Regular size instead of the small. That was a truly huge order. I couldn't quite finish, and throwing fries away makes me sad. I'll get the Small next time, if my mouth can form that word when ordering fries.

                                            Overall, I'm sure I'll be back. The burger may not make any "best of" lists, but the fries will get me there, and the burger isn't a deal-breaker (like Mighty Fine).

                                            1 Reply
                                            1. re: stephanieh
                                              chispa_c RE: stephanieh Mar 4, 2009 03:48 AM

                                              Went to Mooyah's for the first time last night with my 2 teenage kids. My son and I really liked it, my daughter didn't.

                                              I liked the size/taste/thickness of the patty; my daughter and I ordered the Jr. Burger. The Jr. is the perfect size for me. I thought all the add on's were fresh and good. I liked the bun too. It does have a slight sweetness but not as sweet as the buns at Phil's Icehouse. Steph (above) is correct in that the bun can get a bit mushy because they do wrap the burgers in foil - but we ate the burgers within 5 minutes of leaving so it wasn't an issue for me. This however, was an issue for my daughter. She didn't like the fact that the burger didn't stay together enough for her.

                                              My son ordered the regular (2 patty) burger and he loved it. He scarfed it down like any good 14 yeard QB should.

                                              He ordered the regular fries that are advertised for 2 people. There were enough fries for all three of us in that regular order.

                                              The cost for 3 burgers, 1 large drink, 1 regular fries and 1 small shake was $21. I've had about the same at Dirty's and it came to about $30.

                                              I appreciated the advertising of quality beef and no transfat in the fries. I know that stuff is all relative but I appreciated that.

                                              My son mentioned that he can never finish a Dirty's burger because it's too greasy. I thought that was a good point. You don't get all that grease at Mooyah's. I'll go back.

                                            2. n
                                              NJtoTX RE: SpaceAgeNinjaCowboy Mar 31, 2009 03:56 PM

                                              Best burger I've found, by far, in Austin is the big kahuna burger at Kona Grill at the Domain. 12 oz, I order it medium rare and it's pink and juicy inside and charred on the outside. But I'm on my way to try a Mooyah.

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