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Feb 28, 2008 07:03 AM

New Restaurant opening soon-Mooyah Burgers

Heya folks,

Just wanted to give a quick heads up that new restaurant is opening soon called Mooyah Burgers. It's on the corner of Burnet and 183, almost next door to Chili's and Benihana. Apparently, they just offer burgers, shakes and fries.

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  1. I'll be the first to try. Lemme know if you see it open.

    1. Looking forward to trying it. I fear another non-grilled dry-burger like Mighty Fine. Definitely going to check it out though. Thanks for the heads-up.

      1. Weird, I just started a thread about this place a few days ago, but it got deleted I guess. I believe it's supposed to be vaguely like In-n-Out. I'm looking forward to trying it one night, prior to a hop over to Bagpipes.

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        1. re: jwynne2000

          Other than the burgers at Houston's I'm down on most everything I've found in Austin in the burger realm.

          That said, there's a new place out in CP that is pretty darn good. It's Willie O's on 1431 near 183A, behind the new Target. So if you're up in that neck of the woods, it's well worth a stop.

          Everything is fresh. The burgers are Angus beef. The fries are hand cut. In addition to regular fries they offer ribbon fries with your choice of Zapp's seasonings. It's essentially a homemade potato chip.

          Also, hand scooped shakes, and several other menu items...

          It's a class operation. Even the self-serve soda fountain is first class with crushed ice and several drinks that aren't regularly found at other places.
          It's a family run place, very clean and friendly.

          Definitely crave-able. They know what they're doing. I've been to Mighty Fine - once. And I wouldn't go back. But Willie O's is well worth many return visits.

          1. re: ridgeback

            Have you tried Gabbi's (Mo-Pac and Gracy Farms, in the back of the strip with Mangia)? I think that they've got good burgers - I especially like the jalapeno burger. The jalapenos end up under a layer of Jack cheese, so they stay in place. The buns are tasty and they hold up to the burger. They are just open for lunch, though. There's already a thread about Gabbi's in here somewhere.

            1. re: ridgeback

              Couldn't agree more ridgeback. Houston's has great burgers, and everything else is a disappointment. I think for me it's because very few places use a grill. Top Notch is an exception--great thin-patty burgers. But there are no good thicker grilled burger places to be had.

              Willie O's sounds good. Will have to check it out.

              1. re: cstrombe

                Blue Star on Burnet happens to have burgers that are up there with Houston's. The bleu cheese burger there is excellent.

                1. re: cstrombe

                  Remember - Artz Rib House grills their burgers, and they have cheddar.

                  <darn, I just realized that this was showed up as a new thred entirely!>

                2. re: ridgeback

                  I tried Willy O's, located in Cedar Park right next to the new Cinemark theater.

                  Enjoyed the french fries, the crushed ice for the sodas, and the exceptionally nice people who work there. But my burger had no sear and little flavor. After I didn't taste any flavor, I noticed that color of the outside of the burger was almost the same as the inside of the burger. It tasted as though it had been baked. (I know it wasn't, but that's what it tasted like.)

                  It's the type of place I'd really like to see succeed, but their burger has got to get better!

                  Some interesting new chow places being constructed nearby based on signs..

                  - Rosie's Pho
                  - Hayashi (maybe same as the terrific place in Wolf Ranch, Georgetown!?!)
                  - a non-chain pizza place

                  1. re: sweet100s

                    I know what you mean...maybe a little bland? I thought that the burger wasn't as greasy as I prefer. However I thought the beef had a good taste. Admittedly the fresh-cut fries and real shakes are what will bring me back when I'm in the area.

                    I haven't checked out Gabbi's or Blue Star yet but I will and thanks for the tips.

                  2. re: ridgeback

                    Willie O's are OK but not great I like grilled on the grill not fried on the grill. Want to try Mighty Fine this weekend just to try it out. I actually thought Red Robin was better. Chilis actually has a improved burger now that actually is much better than their previous burgers in the past.

                3. Mooyah's is yet another Dallas-based franchise opening a location here in Austin. Since the restaurant hasn't actually opened in town, and thus no local 'hounds have reviewed it here, I thought I'd post a link to one of the discussions of their chow on the Texas board:


                  It has a few vocal fans, but overall, the reviews seem mixed.

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                  1. re: MPH

                    According to a response I received from corporate, the Austin location won't open until sometime this summer.

                    1. re: MPH

                      I've eaten at one of the Dallas locations....I was intrigued that a hound had compared them to In-N-Out..........taste for yourself , but I was definitely disappointed , and still wonder how that comparison ever found print....I think of In-N-Out as being juicy and tasty , and I think Mooyah is barely ordinary .

                      1. re: pinotho

                        dammit. Will this ever NOT be the land of the bland...

                        If someone wanted to make a bundle, they'd open up a Kerby Lane-esk type place up here. Good breakfasts, edible lunch.

                        1. re: amysuehere

                          There's already a Kerbey Lane on 183. I prefer Jim's for both good breakfasts and edible lunch.

                          Mooyah's does sound disappointing though. If we're importing burgers from Dallas, I much prefer Snuffer's or Ball's--both good grilled thicker-than-normal burgers that are absent from Austin.

                          1. re: cstrombe

                            Kerby Lane I saw is trying to open a new restuarant at anderson mills in the same shopping center as Red Robin

                            1. re: angelfoodmaker

                              It's my understanding that the Kerby Lane on 183 North is moving into the old Tres Amigos location there behind Red Robin.

                        2. re: pinotho

                          I looked at that Dallas thread too. They also compared it to 5 Guys, which started as a tiny take-out only place in Arlington, VA. They are (or were, since it seems they have grown exponentially since I left the DC area 10 + years ago) known for excellent greasy burgers and cajun-spiced fries. They also used a bun from a fantastic bakery in Arlington. I'm not sure how their exponential growth has changed things for them.

                          Now that state health regs. require almost all burgers to be cooked to at least med-well, it's practically impossible to get a great, greasy burger.

                          I don't know how Houston's can cook a burger to order but no burger stand is allowed to.

                      2. i can tell u that willy o's willl also be coming to round rock near the outlet more next year per the owner of the shoppig center,hyahsi is indeed in wolfs ranch in gtown but i havent tried it yet.rosie pho's is good and is in round rock next to the grapevine mkt on 35.