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Feb 28, 2008 06:03 AM

Scottish/Lancs/Welsh food [Moved from U.K./Ireland board]

An appeal to pick fellow Hounders' brains!
Two friends of mine are getting married in Blackpool in the summer. They are foodies and we have been discussing menus for the post-wedding feast.

One is from Scotland, the other from Wales, but roots in lancashire. It's going to be a fun do - they're looking for down to earth choices such as fish and chips, obv done in an amazing way.

Any suggestions for desserts, starters, cheeses, beverages etc gratefully recieved

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  1. Lancashire thoughts:-

    Starters - potted shrimps or something using black pudding.

    Cheese has to be a Lancashire. The obvious choice would be a Kirkhams but I would think about a Shorrocks "bomb" - a wonderfully strong Lancashire encased in balck wax - like the cartoonists classic anarchist's bomb. It'll look fab on the table.

    For dessert, how about doing something posh with a Chorley or Eccles cake, or Manchester tart?

    For a wacky way with the main course, I agree about fish and chips - but how about serving in traditional newspaper (or a modern printed repro)

    And to finish off, what about smashing up some sticks of Blackpool rock?

    Drinks - big choice of Lancashire beers. And serve Vimto as a soft drink

    Is this a "big do" and, if so, presumably the caterers will have ideas about what's practical?


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    1. re: Harters

      many thanks John - I was hoping you'd be able to help. Love the ideas. It's still very early stages and they're not sure about bringing in caterers as a member of the fmaily has a hotel in Blackpool and that's where it will be taking place.
      So we may all be mucking in to help.
      Manchester Tart sounds intriguing - but have no idea what it is? can you explain, please?

      1. re: DietStartsTomorrow

        Manchester Tart recipe link

        Bit like the more common Bakewell Tart. And I'm afraid I'm not keen on either. But, hey, what do I know......

        If you're all mucking in, I think the ideas might work quite well as you can do a lot of prep beforehand. Fish & chips for a crowd might be a struggle.

        1. re: Harters

          I'm guessing that this might not be appropriate for the occasion, but I remember hearing about Lancashire Hotpot on that UK cooking contest show about cooking for the Queen:

          1. re: MMRuth

            Hotpot would certainly be easier to prepare for a crowd than fish & chips. But may not be fancy enough for the occasion - although Mrs H recently had it in a local restaurant.

            Having been relaxing in the Canarian sunshine for a week with plenty of time to think, I've now come down in favour of Manchester Tart as a dessert - but only if the couple can find petits four sized Eccles/Chorley cakes to serve with coffee.

    2. For Welsh, I'd suggest some laverbread - cooked seaweed, very popular in South Wales, which you traditionally have with Bacon & eggs. It looks like glutinous tinned spinach, and tastes of the sea. Get it by mail order from Parsons Pickles and others.