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Feb 28, 2008 05:53 AM

Does anyone around here do Fish Fries During Lent?

Back home (I'm a fairly recent transplant to MD) Friday Fish Fries were common place during the Lenten season, (usually at Churches, K Of C Halls and V.F.W's) and was curious if anyone around here did them...

Thanks for the help, I love this place!!

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    1. Being from Wisconsin, I loved to go to fish fry on Friday night. I haven't found anything here that matches that culture or even comes close. I wish I could get a plate of fried perch with rye bread and tarter from Kagels or wait for a table with fried mushrooms and a hefeweiss at 5 O'clock Club, but West Allis and Pewaukee are 1000 miles away. I haven't been to a K of C fish fry since middle school, but have fond memories.

      I say just go to Eamonn's in Old town Alexandria. It's not exactly what you're looking for, but it's darn good fried fish.

      And if you do find anything, please come back and post it here. I would be appreciative.

      1. While I don't have any specific suggestions, my *guess* would be that such events are more likely to be found in more rural areas (southern or western MD, or maybe the Eastern Shore) where the sort of community-based "make your own fun" sort of lifestyle is more likely to endure - places where VFWs and KofCs and the like are still centers of community life.

        Of course, even if one finds such community events, this area doesn't have a strong "pan fish" culture compared to much of the Midwest, any more than Midwesterners would be likely to do "crab feasts" or "bull and oyster roasts". Fish fries tend to be an outgrowth of having lots of local lakes and rivers in which to catch the raw materials. Here, the local catch is much more likely to have claws and a carapace, and the traditions have developed accordingly.

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          I have seen them outside of the Lenten season, and in the Shenendoah area, as well, btw (great one a few years back in Madison, VA at a VFW).

          For the OP, another thing that is popular in this area in the fall is a ham and oyster dinner - hosted by scouts, firehouses, etc.

        2. Not sure where you are in Maryland but I saw this article on a church in Upper Marlboro. Maybe they are still having them.

          St Joseph's in Tanytown (between Westminster and Emmitsburg) has them through the end of Lent. I went last year and it was good, though NOT all-you-can eat. Fish (2 pieces) fries and slaw and roll for $8 or so.

          Look in local newspapers for them.


          1. As a Catholic Law student, Catholics first came mind for fish fries I googled and found: http://www.holycomforterstcypriandc.p...


   (not a far drive if you live in MD).

            Here are a few I googled catholic fish fry and area.