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Feb 28, 2008 05:51 AM

any Fourme d'Ambert or Capricho de Cabra sitings (PHX)?

I'm currently hooked on these cheeses and am wondering if anyone here has seen either of them for sale around town. My little stash (acquired in Oakland) is running out, and I'm wondering if I can find either of them locally. I appreciate any leads y'all might have.

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  1. L'Ecole restaurant at Scottsdale Cullinary Institute has Fourme d'Ambert on their cheese platter. You might try giving them a call...

    1. The new Whole Foods Market in Chandler at Ray/101 has a fairly huge cheese selection. You might give them a try.

      1. I recall an imported foods store in downtown Chandler, in the same vicinity as 98 South, with a huge cheese selection. They might have it too.

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          She went out of business last month. She sent out an email before she closed indicating she wanted to reopen but hadn't found a location yet. Hasn't sent anything with a new store opening yet.