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Feb 28, 2008 05:45 AM

Dinner in A.C. Saturday March 15

Hey guys,

DH and I are going to A.C. to the Robin Trower concert at the House of Blues at the Show Boat Casino. Any ideas for dinner? We eat most things, resto can be byob or serve drinks .Does not have to be really close to that casino. Secondly, has anyone been to the Knife and Fork Inn lately? I always wanted to go there.....


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  1. Knife and Fork is a great choice, Just amke sure you make a reservation.
    They do great buisness.

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    1. re: NJDolfan

      Thanks NJDolfan finally an answer. Have you been there and if so, what did you like?

    2. Knife and Fork is OK, kind of pricey and doesn't really live up to it's reputation, IMHO. Last time I was there the most memorable thing was the background music - too loud contemporary pop.

      If you go a little further south into Ventnor you'll find a much better restaurant called Sage, Lisa Savage's (former Savaradio chef and owner) new BYO.

      Sage, 5206 Atlantic Ave., Ventnor, 609-823-2110, Cash only, BYOB

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        Thanks Rocket88. Am going to call Sage today for a reservation.

      2. In celebration of my birthday, my son treated me to a great meal this past September at the Old Homestead in the Borgata.

        We both started off with clams casino that were terrific. My son had the blackened boneless rib steak with crab meat and blue cheese. I had the petite filet mignon with hash browns and demi glaze. My son had a side of garlic mashed potatoes and we shared sides of mushroom caps and roasted long hot peppers. For desert I had the crème brulee and my son had the “Big Fat Chocolate Cake”. We each had an espresso with anisette to finished things off.

        It was expensive, but we both agreed that it was one of the best meals we ever had. It was certainly one of the best steaks.

        1. Whenever I catch a show in AC I usually start at Sea Blue in the borgata, Michael Mina's place. Frank one of the main bartenders there is extremely knowledgeable and talented in mixology so I let him make me the flavor of the night and then my Girlfriend and I share the tuna tar-tar. After a drink and an app we decide on dinner, generally a toss up between Knife and fork, Buddakan, and the old homestead. It really depends on our mood for the evening (After the first drink we get a better feel of what we really want). Knife and fork is great I let their somm Pierre, she is the best, really decide what I'm going to have (I love all food so she can't go wrong). I haven't been to Sage yet, but I have heard some very good reviews. Anyways good luck and Cheers!

          1. AC has come a long way from its slot machine and buffet days.Thanks mainly to The Borgata raising the standards of the entire town. You are pretty much safe anywhere there although chris the bartener is right Seablue rocks. You might want to check out either of Luke Paladino's places, Spechio or Ombra rumor has it that he's leaving. Ombra has a really cool setting downstairs in wine cellar. If your not going to make it to The Borgata check out Mia in Caesars. It is another partnership of Chris Scarduzio and famed chef George Perrier. If you want to save yourself of casino pricing Chef Volas is a well kept secret. Not much to look at but the food is awesome. Old shool Italian place with no menus (BYOB). You will have to call ahead for that one, the place is harder to get into than Babbo. Good Luck and enjoy the show!

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              See Joe H’s post of 12/28/07 “Chef Vola's: Dinner With "Frank" and George, too!” regarding his experience getting a reservation and dinning at Chef Vola’s in AC.