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Feb 28, 2008 05:18 AM

Shumi Strikes Again! (It gets a rave in NJ Monthly)

No. I don't own the place. No. I'm not Japanese. In fact, I'm a not-so-nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn. But I do have a selfish interest in seeing the few quality dining establishments in Jersey thrive and survive. Which is why I continue to rave Shumi in Somerville to the mountaintops. But I'm not alone. Aside from past raves in the NY Times and the Star Ledger, there's a new rave review of Shumi that just came out in the March issue of NJ Monthly.
Only the first paragraphs are available on line, so those seeking to read about the cuisine will need to buy NJ Monthly or sneak a peek at your local news stand. (No. I don't own a piece of that magazine either. :-))



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  1. You've got the wrong url. This looks like the entire review to me:

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      Son of a gun! Right you are. Thanks! :-)))

    2. Does not surprise me one bit!!! Way to go Ike!!!

      1. We absolutely love love love Shumi! We found it almost five years ago and it's one of our favorite places.