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Where can I buy espresso powder?

I've seen some recipes that use espresso powder--essentially, instant espresso.

But I have not seen this product sold in any supermarket. Anyone know where I can buy a jar?

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  1. I've gotten it in the past at Lionette's Market on Tremont in the South End, next to Garden of Eden.

    1. I've bought it at Whole Foods, Fresh Pond. The bottle is fairly small, so you have to scan the coffee section.

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        I've also bought it at Whole Foods. Medaglia d'Oro brand instant espresso. I think I've seen the same product at 'regular' grocery stores, but can't remember whether it was Star/Shaws/StopnShop

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          Yes, it is hard to find, but very good for baking. Here is what it looks like, to help you pick it out....

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            hmm......didn't seem to work attaching the image. Let's try again......

      2. I've gotten some in the North End before (don't know the name of the shop, but it's the first right off Hanover coming from Haymarket). I love baking with it.

        1. I bought Illy espresso powder at Roche Bros. and I've seen it at Shaw's. Sometimes you have to look in the "International" section as opposed to the coffee section.

          1. dairy fresh in the north end and both capone's locations sell the powder.

            1. I believe that Christina's Spices in Inman Sq. carries it.

              Christina's Spice & Spec Foods
              1255 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

              1. The place where you can buy espresso powder is called Polcari;s on salem st.
                in the North End--they also have many hard to find herb powders such as Bay Leaf Powder Etc. check it out!! This is a unique place!!

                Frankie Imbergamo

                1. Roche Brothers...Medaglia d'Oro for $2.99...just bought some yesterday.

                  1. I think you can pretty much find it in grocery stores in the area...I'm sure though all are of varying degrees. I've gotten it at Whole Foods, I think. I know places like Shaws have it, I want to say in the international foods aisle.

                    1. De Pasquale's Sausage Factory in Nonantum (Newton)

                      1. depending on the recipe, i usually just use a shot of espresso and it works out great. obviously this won't work if the recipe calls for a dusting or sprinkling of the espresso powder as finishing touch or something to that effect. but if it's just for flavor, real espresso (or a touch of very strong drip coffee) should be fine.