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Feb 28, 2008 01:56 AM

I'm craving ---, where should I get it?

I'm afraid this is one of those "I'm out of town, where should I eat?" type of questions. However, I would like to avoid all the big-name, well published, everyone's-heard-about kind of New Orleans restaurants. It's more like "I'm craving 'X', where should I get it?"

Having said that, let me preface everything. I've always loved Cajun/Creole/New Orleans style cooking, having never stepped foot in Louisiana. I own several cajun/creole cookbooks, I make my own shrimp stocks, spice mixes, I've make 50+ minute dark roux, I have watched Emeril for years before he became such a big TV ass, and love going to cajun/creole restaurants in the cities I've lived in (unfortunately those would be LA and New York, which is NOT known for good cajun/creole restaurant). Now that I am coming over for this first time, I would like to really calibrate my tastes. I want to see what I have been eating and cooking SHOULD have tasted like.

I am coming over for Jazz Fest, and staying near the French Quarter, so I can't readily get very far from there. We've already chosen a few nicer, sit down, white tablecloth type restaurants which is why I don't want to go to those types of restaurants. I feel that these kinds of dishes can be found at more casual, neighborhood, everyday types of restaurant. Everyone outside of NOLA knows that if you want a muffaletta, you go to Central Grocery. But I want to ask you, the good people of New Orleans, where do YOU go when you really crave a good muffaletta? Hell, maybe the answer IS Central Grocery. But that's what I want to know. And that is what I am asking for the following dishes: "I'm craving 'X', where should I get it?" where 'X' is

1) gumbo (any kind)
2) etouffee (any kind)
3) jambalaya (any kind)
4) gulf oysters on the half shell
5) po'boy sandwich (more interested in shrimp or fried oyster)
6) barbecue shrimp
7) muffaletta
8) catfish/redfish court-boullion

Thank you!!!!

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  1. gumbo - brigtsen's (but lots of places have good gumbo: commander's, emeril's, etc.)
    oysters - casamento's
    poboys - parkway usually, but I did have a great roast beef at ignatius the other day, and a great shrimp at Guy's, Crabby Jacks also has good poboys
    BBQ Shrimp - Crazy Johnnie's in Metairie. Hands down the best bbq shrimp.
    Muffaletta - Frankie and Johnny's

    The other stuff - we make at home, and I don't even have a recommendation.

    1. Funny you should bring up court boullion. It's rarely found in restaurants, but Craig at J'Anita's on Magazine St. made some with redfist last week. It was good. Unfortunately it was a special, so it might not be available when you are here.

      J'Anita's Restaurant
      1906 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA

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      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        Cochon has a catfish or redfish court boullion every day- my husband loved it when he had it - I think it was about $18

        1. re: uptownlibrarian

          Cochon has court buillon, but I didn't like it. It had a very tangy vinegar taste to it.

        2. Remember - food is one of the major attractions at Jazz Fest.....

          Enjoy !

          1. 1) gumbo -- Herbsaint
            2) etouffee -- the Bon Ton, but call Galatoire's to see if they made a batch that day. I like it ladeled over sauteed softshell crabs.
            3) jambalaya -- Mothers
            4) gulf oysters on the half shell -- Bozo's, Acme, Felix's
            5) po'boy sandwich (more interested in shrimp or fried oyster) -- Mandina's or Parkway
            6) barbecue shrimp -- Mr. B's
            7) muffaletta -- Napoleon House or Nor-Joe's
            8) catfish/redfish court-boullion -- Luke on Friday lunch (I believe)

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              1. re: kevin

                It is like a fish stew, but can be a little soupy. It has tomatoes in it. Here is a great recipe

                1. re: kevin

                  Pronounced Koo-bee-yon. (the yon being a french pronunciation I don't know how to spell phonetically).

                2. re: pilaf

                  When I had Mother's jambalaya it was greasy. Did you eat there recently? I'll give it another shot if so, I have not had it from there in probably 2 years.

                  Gumbo - Diplomat
                  Jambalaya - Napoleon House
                  Oysters - Bourbon House
                  Poboy - Bourbon House
                  Bbq shrimp - Closest place I can think of is Crazy Johnnie's in Metairie
                  Muffaletta - Napoleon House

                3. Liuzza's on Bienville is a perfect place to get this stuff (most of it) and it is kind of in the Jazz Fest area.