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Feb 28, 2008 01:09 AM

Chinese Breakfast in the OC?


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  1. Oops sorry hit something and prematurely posted. But I was going to ask if anybody knew where I could find Chinese Breakfast items like Juk and those finger food things in OC preferably Irvine/Costa Mesa? Sorry but I dont know too much about it as I was just recently introduced to it and I failed at searching for it here.

    Thanks everyone!

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    1. re: gordito35

      A&J in Irvine has Chinese Breakfast.

      Also 99 Ranch Market. Here a post I did with pictures!

      1. re: elmomonster

        Thanks Elmo! I should have known to check out the 99 ranch center. I'm going to give them a try.

        1. re: gordito35

          A&J only has breakfast on the weekends and its not cantonese breakfast like juk, its taiwanese / shanghainese stuff like xian dou jiang, shao bing, fan tuan etc

          Yu's garden in the plaza across from A&J (in the 99 ranch plaza), serves breakfast everyday (same stuff as A&J). They do serve juk as well, but its different than the juk you're probably talking about, its a taiwanese version with chunks of sweet potatoes in it (eat it with their various dishes)

          99 ranch probably does have juk as they have a breakfast menu although i've never eaten it

    2. china garden (in the same center as a&j) has good juk and "those finger food things" for dim sum everyday. its only one kind of juk though (preserved egg and shredded pork). sam woo also has good juk and many different kinds to choose from. i like yu's garden as well but its more plain. i also like 99ranch's breakfast (on culver) but go early cause they run out of stuff.