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Feb 28, 2008 12:39 AM

Top Quality, World Chocolate Retail Shops in GTA

Several other chocolate loving friends and I have formed a little tasting co-op of which I have agreed to be the "COCAO LOCO" (I buy you guys try) because I have the time and initiated the interest. My delemma is where to find retailers in the GTA who have a good sampling of World Class, high end 'cacao' products. I would like to avoid the truffle style chocolates at present in favour of straight high cocao content. I've sold the 'sizzle' now I've got to deliver the 'steak'.
Your assistance is solicitated. Thanks
(Of course theres always WORLD CHOCOLATE NH, USA if all else fails. However, i'd like to try and avoid the shipping charges)

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  1. The best selection of high percentage cacao chocolate bars I am aware of is at Starsky Polish Supermarket on Dundas in Mississauga. Excellent pricing too.

    You'll have to tell me how they are battered and deep fried!

    FYI they also do more great things with a pig than anywhere else in the area, with more sausages, bacon, smoked products etc, truly amazing.

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    1. re: Scary Bill

      You were right on the money Scary Bill...

      QUOTE;.." The best selection of high percentage cacao chocolate bars I am aware of is at Starsky Polish Supermarket on Dundas in Mississauga. Excellent pricing too."...... End Quote

      I took your advice and visited Starsky's Fine European Foods on Saturday.
      Along with some Polish kolbasa, gold sprats, raw honey, sliwki, sauerkraut stew, dobuz cake and bell red peppers,(everything on sale) I also purchased about $40 in dark chocolate for sampling by the co-op.
      Heres the sampling list;
      WAWEL-czekolada gorzka -90%cocoa-A Polish brand on sale-100g...$1.29
      WAWEL.......................... -70%cocoa...................................100g...$1.29
      ELYSIA-edel bitter schocolade-70% cocoa-German Fine plain....100g...$2.99
      HACHEZ-edel bitter schocolade-88%cocoa-German Premier Cru-100g ..$3.39
      Highest Quality
      Michel Cluizel-Noir au Grue' de Cacoa-Min60%-Prod. of France..100g...$6.69
      Michel Cluizel-GRAND Noir 85% cocoa.........-Product of France 100g..$6.99
      Note; add GST & PST

    2. Not sure how this "ranks" for you, since I know nothing about chocolate, but there is Godiva on bloor...

      1. Soma at the Distillery has a lot of high 'cacao' content products, with different provenances, like Venezuela, Costa Rica, etc.

        In the Manulife building on Bloor, there's a Teuscher on the main floor and a Neuhaus on the lower level- 2 of the best sources for world class chocolate in TO.

        It looks like Teuscher sells dark chocolate with 4 different cocoa levels (66%, 77%, 88%, 99%).

        Neuhaus has some 73% and 75 % cocoa content bars: . I haven't visited either shop lately, so I'm not sure how much would be in stock, so you might want to call first before visiting.

        Cheese Boutique carries high quality brands with a high cocoa content. Pusateri's probably also carries some similar chocolate.

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        1. re: phoenikia

          Hey Phoenikia,
          Where's the Neuhaus in the Manulife? Or are you thinking about Eitenbach next to Alex's Cheese? I'm waiting for Neuhaus to open a shop here, I love their chocolates. I burned through my stock from Brussels already but did manage to find some of their chocolate bars at Pusateri's (on Bay) $5 for 45g. Yum!

          1. re: fickle

            Hi Fickle,
            You're absolutely right. I was thinking of Eitelbach next to Alex's.

            I think Pusateri's might be the only place to find Neuhaus in Toronto right now, but maybe some Chowhounds will post if they are aware of another source;)

        2. Although I haven't been to the store here's one you might find of interest...A Taste For Chocolate in Thornhill.

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          1. re: swirling sara

            Yes, I've used them. Great selection and fair prices. I don't think there's a store, but they deliver.

          2. The best place is Soma, in the Distillery district. Their Dark Fire chocolate is killer, nothing beats it.