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Top Quality, World Chocolate Retail Shops in GTA

Several other chocolate loving friends and I have formed a little tasting co-op of which I have agreed to be the "COCAO LOCO" (I buy you guys try) because I have the time and initiated the interest. My delemma is where to find retailers in the GTA who have a good sampling of World Class, high end 'cacao' products. I would like to avoid the truffle style chocolates at present in favour of straight high cocao content. I've sold the 'sizzle' now I've got to deliver the 'steak'.
Your assistance is solicitated. Thanks
(Of course theres always WORLD CHOCOLATE NH, USA if all else fails. However, i'd like to try and avoid the shipping charges)

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  1. The best selection of high percentage cacao chocolate bars I am aware of is at Starsky Polish Supermarket on Dundas in Mississauga. Excellent pricing too.

    You'll have to tell me how they are battered and deep fried!

    FYI they also do more great things with a pig than anywhere else in the area, with more sausages, bacon, smoked products etc, truly amazing.

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      You were right on the money Scary Bill...

      QUOTE;.." The best selection of high percentage cacao chocolate bars I am aware of is at Starsky Polish Supermarket on Dundas in Mississauga. Excellent pricing too."...... End Quote

      I took your advice and visited Starsky's Fine European Foods on Saturday.
      Along with some Polish kolbasa, gold sprats, raw honey, sliwki, sauerkraut stew, dobuz cake and bell red peppers,(everything on sale) I also purchased about $40 in dark chocolate for sampling by the co-op.
      Heres the sampling list;
      WAWEL-czekolada gorzka -90%cocoa-A Polish brand on sale-100g...$1.29
      WAWEL.......................... -70%cocoa...................................100g...$1.29
      ELYSIA-edel bitter schocolade-70% cocoa-German Fine plain....100g...$2.99
      HACHEZ-edel bitter schocolade-88%cocoa-German Premier Cru-100g ..$3.39
      Highest Quality
      Michel Cluizel-Noir au Grue' de Cacoa-Min60%-Prod. of France..100g...$6.69
      Michel Cluizel-GRAND Noir 85% cocoa.........-Product of France 100g..$6.99
      Note; add GST & PST

    2. Not sure how this "ranks" for you, since I know nothing about chocolate, but there is Godiva on bloor...

      1. Soma at the Distillery has a lot of high 'cacao' content products, with different provenances, like Venezuela, Costa Rica, etc.

        In the Manulife building on Bloor, there's a Teuscher on the main floor and a Neuhaus on the lower level- 2 of the best sources for world class chocolate in TO.

        It looks like Teuscher sells dark chocolate with 4 different cocoa levels (66%, 77%, 88%, 99%). http://www.teuscher.com/shop/product....

        Neuhaus has some 73% and 75 % cocoa content bars: http://www.neuhaus-online-store.com/V... . I haven't visited either shop lately, so I'm not sure how much would be in stock, so you might want to call first before visiting.

        Cheese Boutique carries high quality brands with a high cocoa content. Pusateri's probably also carries some similar chocolate.

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          Hey Phoenikia,
          Where's the Neuhaus in the Manulife? Or are you thinking about Eitenbach next to Alex's Cheese? I'm waiting for Neuhaus to open a shop here, I love their chocolates. I burned through my stock from Brussels already but did manage to find some of their chocolate bars at Pusateri's (on Bay) $5 for 45g. Yum!

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            Hi Fickle,
            You're absolutely right. I was thinking of Eitelbach next to Alex's.

            I think Pusateri's might be the only place to find Neuhaus in Toronto right now, but maybe some Chowhounds will post if they are aware of another source;)

        2. Although I haven't been to the store here's one you might find of interest...A Taste For Chocolate in Thornhill.


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            Yes, I've used them. Great selection and fair prices. I don't think there's a store, but they deliver.

          2. The best place is Soma, in the Distillery district. Their Dark Fire chocolate is killer, nothing beats it.

            1. Soma has amazing chocolate. I think they had 100% cacao bars when I was last there. I usually splurge on a box of truffles and some bars when I'm there. My favourite bar is the green tangerine (not totally sure if that's the right name).

              For everyday eating I usually pick up Green & Black at the health food store.

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                Although I have not been as yet, people have said good things about JS Bonbons.

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                  Have a look at STUBBE on Dupont, slightly southeast of Christie....I have only had their assorted chocolates ( a hostess gift) they were fabulous. I don't know if they have chocolate 'bars' but you could call them.

                  nb..directly across the street from Loblaws.

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                    I second that! Stubbe (pronounced stue-ba) is fabulous! They do have chocolate bars... and cakes.

              2. My family swears by the "Ultimate Truffle", on Yonge St. in Thornhill. The Irish Cream is a particular treat, though often sold out. We have been going there for over 10 years, so they obviously have some staying power.

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                  is there anyone in toronto selling a variety of the pralus bars?

                2. Try www.chocodirect.com . They are a Canadian company and for orders under $200, their shipping charge is a flat rate of $4.99. Make sure to check out their clearance center. This week they have Belgium bittersweet chocolate 70% cocoa with caramelized cacao bean chip for 2.00 $ and some Poulain bittersweet for $1.75, some Pralus, Vahlrona, and more. In their regular priced section, their selection is worldwide and endless!

                  1. I know someone who works for Lindt in Scarborough. He tells me that his boss, the store manager, goes around the block to send out samples. I'm sure they'll do something for you, if this is your kind of thing.

                    1. If you want to something local, I'd echo JS bonbons or Soma. I think for something that can at least be sourced locally Teuscher is pretty great too. I've only walked into Stubbe (was exercising stupid will-power and discipline), but thought this spot looked great too.

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                      1. re: Rabbit

                        Soma's liquid chocolate is a true guilty pleasure!

                      2. does anyone know where you can buy Galler in Toronto?
                        I know there is a chocolate store across from Holt Renfrew in the lower mall there on bloor. but they only sell the bars.

                        when i was in belgium this past summer i fell in love with galler, it is by far the best brand of Belgium chocolate i had.


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                          The shop across from Holt Renfrew on the concourse level is Leonidas Belgian Chocolates, for anyone who's interested. Very central and they have some very tasty chocolates of their own...though perhaps nothing to rival Soma...

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                            Organic Boutique on Queen St West (at Givins, 1 block east of Ossington) carries a fairly wide selection of Galler bars.

                            Organic Boutique Inc
                            970 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 1H1
                            Telephone : 416-536-3851

                            1. re: kvly

                              All I know is that I was walking by the area today with friends and we decided to go into Organic Boutique to browse. We were looking at the food items in a way that you do when you are a 'hound and you are looking for interesting things. I was putting things back neatly. I was part browsing and thinking of picking up one or two things or coming back when a guy who was either the owner or the manager told me in a rude manner that he would prefer that I didnt pick things up to look at them but to just look at them without touching. I asked how am I supposed to look at ingredients, etc. without picking up items. He said he didn't care. I said "do you care that I was thinking of buying things but now I won't because (a) you are making me feel unwelcome in your store and (b) I can't buy something I can't look at properly". He said he didn't really care if I bought anything. So me and my friends left.
                              I don't understand why people like this go into a service oriented business. I don't recommend going to this store. They had some interesting items, but unless you plan on choosing what you want to purchase from afar and you enjoy rude, unwelcome management, I don't know why you would want to check it out.

                          2. Not certain if this is what you're looking for, but I've always liked the Belgian Chocolate Shop at 2455 Queen St E about 3 blocks west of Victoria Park. I suggest going in person rather than ordering on-line. The aroma is enough to make a person swoon. Fresh every day. Delicious always.

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                            1. re: Googs

                              THANKS A (CHOCO)-LOT
                              I'll try to get swooning down there next week, Googs, and sniff the place out for myself.. I work a short distance away at KR and Queen St. E

                            2. Had the good fortune of working across from Soma's original location in the Distillery District, and David Castellan's wickedly brilliant brand of cocoa sorcery forever changed my perception of chocolate. The owner is a genius, and is one of the few people in North America (so I'm told) who makes chocolate from the bean. They make an assortment of "high cocoa content" bars, and they also sell an incredible variety of chocolate from around the world. Not cheap, but almost everything they sell is made from 100% organic ingredients.

                              P.S. Soma's dark chocolate ice cream (NOT gelato) is the best I've ever tasted. Greg's tastes like Chapman's by comparison. If anyone knows of a better chocolate ice cream in Toronto, do tell.

                              1. I'm not a professional Chocolate lover.
                                But, I enjoyed Daniel Chocolates, 4242 Dundas St. West, near Royal York.
                                Has anyone else tried?