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Feb 27, 2008 10:49 PM

Best cheesecake in Hong Kong?

I had what I thought was the BEST cheesecake I've ever tasted in a long, long while at the Peninsula Hotel HK's Lobby Lounge. Went back there 2 days in a row just for the cheesecake. Then, I came across Main St Deli (Langham Hotel)'s one-pound cheesecake, which was also absolutely fabulous.

Any old HK hand/Chowhound who can tell me where to find truly the very BEST cheesecake in Hong Kong?

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  1. depends what you mean by 'best'.
    can't say i'm the hugest fan of cheesecake, but for the super heavy i'm-feeling-crap-and-need-to-binge variety, i second your main st. deli choice.

    for lighter, 'french' style, i like the blueberry cheesecake at zoe patisserie in causeway bay.

    actually, come to think of it, i'm more a fan of the crushed biscuit base of cheesecakes...

    would be interesting to see what other hk hounds think...

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    1. re: e_ting

      Yep, I'm a fan of the heavier "crushed base" type of cheesecake, too. I don't consider those light, sponge-like Japanese cheesecakes (e.g. Miki Oji-san sort as "real" cheesecake. Am currently in SF but will look out for Zoe's when I'm back in HK again in mid-March. Thanks!

      1. re: klyeoh

        Yes that's the way to go. Just give me a heavy cheesecake with cookie crumb base and fresh strawberries on top. Classic!!

        When I was in HK in 2006 I went to this little cafe in the courtyard of the Repulse Bay Plaza. It's part of a chain of little cafe eateries selling Euro pastries. Forget the name of it..."Chicago _____". Fairly known in HK. I'm sure one of you can fill in the blank.

        The next time I'm back in HK I'll try the Penninsula Hotel's Lobby Lounge.

        Kind of odd to know you can find heavy Euro-style pastry in a city who's typical pastry style is so light. Chinese style. Yet not surprising as HK is so diverse.

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          for the "dense" version, Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop, they use a blend of fromage blanc, cream cheese, ricotta, yogurt and sour cream.....

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            Do you have any more information on how they make their cheese cake? Does anyone have access to a recipe? I have a friend that swears by their cheese cake - particularly blueberry. Any help in recreating it would be very appreciated. Thanks!

    2. Liz's cheesecake in Happy Valley. They have SO many flavours, even "salmon cheesecake" which is very special! They are known for their famous cheesecakes...and I would say Zoe is more hong kong style. Liz's cheesecakes are the kinds with thick bottom crusttt..original heavy cheese types :) very delicious

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      1. re: ilhk21

        i thought Liz's self promotes its low sugar low fat cakes?

        1. re: ilhk21

          Hmmm... I live close to Liz's but have never been wowed by their cakes. They're pretty good, though...

          GF and I go to Zoe a lot, but agree that their cheese cake isn't the chunky heavy style that I love. Have to go back to NYC for that.

          1. re: ilhk21

            I find Liz's Cheesecake in Happy Valley to be the antithesis of what I crave in an NY-style cheesecake -- cheesy, rich, smooth, with a crushed biscuit base that will stand up to the cheese filling. I tried three different flavours a month or so ago and found all of them to be grainy and bland with too soft, too moist crusts and little to no flavour. Maybe it was a poor batch, but I don't think I'll be using my sugar quota on Liz's Cheesecake anytime soon.

            1. re: lsk

              they do advertise themselves as low fat low sugar...what can one expect.

              1. re: Sher.eats

                That's true, so I suppose its cakes are suitable for those watching their health who'd like to treat themselves, but personally, there wasn't much Satisfaction Per Calorie.

                1. re: lsk

                  i wonder what a satisfaction v calorie curve would look like....=P

                  where's your favorite cheesecake in HK?

                  1. re: Sher.eats

                    I don't think I've found my favourite cheesecake yet, but the Mandarin Oriental's version sounds like a strong contender (still need to get myself over there since my time in HK is limited). Also I have to confess I'm not much of a cheesecake fan, since I'm usually more distracted by more classic French pastries at the shops I frequent. I do know that the cheesecakes from Zoe and agnes b. delice are acceptable in a pinch, but not my favourite in HK.