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Feb 27, 2008 09:29 PM

Mighty Leaf Teabags - Mighty Fine

I rarely use teabags, since I don't find brewing loose leaf tea to be all that difficult. But sometimes, like when you are on an airplane, brewing loose leaf tea is just not realistic.

With great skepticism, I picked up some Mighty Leaf teabags this weekend - Marrakesh Mint Green Tea and Bombay Chai. I honestly expected them to be awful like every other bagged tea I have ever tasted. I was proven wrong. This was the best bagged tea I have ever tried.
I may just start bringing these to all the alleged four-star restaurants who still think it is acceptable to serve teabags - at least my teabags will be better than their teabags. (And maybe it will embarrass them into improving their tea service).

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  1. Mighty Leaf is my favorite brand. If you like Earl Grey, I think their blend has the perfect amount of bergamot essence.

    1. We used Mighty leaf tea for years before I start buying Mariage Freres tea.

      1. Hi, omotosando!
        I quite agree with you! Mighty Leaf is a good option.

        I also like "Two Leaves and a Bud" brand, and they make a very good green tea called Tamayokucha (Extremely Green):

        I often can find both "Mighty Leaf" and "Two Leaves and a Bud" at Cost Plus in their tea section.

        In general, I think that the teabags of today have improved greatly. Even Lipton has stepped up with silk bags and better tea...but I'm not quite that desperate, especially with so many good other alternatives.
        I still prefer loose leaf, but I do think the silk teabags are very elegant and quite adequately serve in certain situations.

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        1. re: liu

          Hi liu, thanks for the suggestion of Two Leaves and A Bud. Yes, I agree that loose tea is preferable and I'm certainly not saying that Mighty Leaf is the same quality as an estate loose tea. But let me tell you, when I had the flu recently and could barely crawl out of bed, nothing beat heating up the water and dunking the Mighty Leaf teabag! (I also found that Airborne, spiked with cayenne and boiling water made a tasty drink, but that's another posting).

          1. re: omotosando

            omotosando -- Only YOU would spike...and I guess you could spike your teabag, too! I often shake some cinnamon or nutmeg or even cardamom in with a teabag tea just to give it something extra, but your idea of cayenne sounds...uh...interesting! (Of course, I would not do this to a really good loose leaf.)

            1. re: liu

              No, I didn't spike the tea with cayenne, just the Airborne. Airborne makes a citrusy hot drink. When I was sick, I alternated between Mighty Leaf teabags and hot cayenne Airborne. This was the first time I ever drank tea when I was sick. I usually don't reach for it when I'm sick because I associate it with being healthy and happy, perfectly brewed in pristine cups.

              1. re: omotosando

                I was actually joking, but I don't know why one couldn't put a little cayenne in a cup of tea with lemon when a cold is brewing! Colds put a damper on my tastebuds (aroma buds, too!), so the cayenne might lift the tea enough to give it some flavor when we are sick. ????

        2. Haven't seen Mighty Leaf in local stores, but on your recommendation, I'll ask.
          Meanwhile, Bigelow's Vanilla Chai tea is better than average.

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          1. re: DonShirer

            yes! the vanilla chai is fantastic. it doesn't have that artificial flavor many vanilla teas do. often hard to find though.

            1. re: DonShirer

              I just ordered some organic Mighty Leaf online because I am too lazy to go to one of my local stores which carries it, plus the store where I bought it did not have all varieties. Shipping was $7.95


            2. Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical and Vanilla Bean teas almost...ALMOST make me want to give up coffee!


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              1. re: cooknKate


                Almost. It's pretty decadent stuff with a little honey and cream.

                1. re: cooknKate

                  Do you mean the Mighty Leaf black tea with vanilla? I just tried that and I think it is so dreadful that I am going to trash it. I guess I don't like flavored tea.

                  1. re: cooknKate

                    The Vanilla Bean is my favorite! And I don't usually see myself as a flavored tea fan.