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Feb 27, 2008 09:00 PM

Rosario's - Nashville

1200 Villa Pl
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 329-1977

checked out Rosario's this week. here's what we thought:

--environment: simple and clean dining room. plastic covers on the dining table was a bit ghetto. nice patio area which I can't wait to sit in when spring rolls around.

--service: service was attentive but there was only 3 tables dining.

--food: ordered the cheese enchiladas and beef tacos. food arrived cold. enchiladas' cheese was not melted and they brought the enchilada sauce on the side which was a bit odd. the beef was cold and not seasoned enough.

--price: expensive considering the execution and quality of their food.

overall a disappointing experience. if anyone has any recommendations on decent mexican in Nashville please send them. thnx.

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  1. Unfortunately I agree with your review and I think a lot of others have had similar experiences. I WANT to love it for its location, decor, etc. but I agree that the prices are too high for the quality...I would be just as happy at Las Palmas!! If you're looking for "high end" Mexican (which IMO is what Rosario's is striving for), Rosepepper in East Nashville has great food (I think it's Sonoran style Mexican --

    If you're looking for more traditional fare, there are lots of comments on the boards about different Chowhound favorites and each restaurant's specialites.

    Maybe Rosario's will improve in time to enjoy the patio this spring!!

    1. Ate at Rosario's last September and found it promising. My husband's mole was good, my tofu burrito would have been good except for the addition of pickled cactus paddles, which gave the whole concoction a weird tangy flavor.
      There's very little good Mexican food in Nashville and I've never figured out why, since there's no real shortage of Mexicans. I had a horrible meal at the Green Hills El Palenque last weekend, the second really awful meal I've had there. Fish tacos -- my favorite, but they were soggy and fishy and overcooked. I ate less than three bites of it. My husband's deluxe burrito was equally awful -- soggy, lukewarm. Yuck.
      Rosepepper is a good recommendation, and La Hacienda is reliably good and reasonably authentic. THe specials are your best bet, and the steaks and other beef dishes. La Paz in Green Hills is Mexicali/Southwestern, so not "real" Mexican, but the quality is high and the preparation is professional.
      I ate at a taco wagon on Nolensville Road back in October that was superb and was real Mexican -- atole to drink, roasted corn with chile and lime, mama dipping beef out of a crock pot. It's at the corner of Nolensville and Polk Avenue (or maybe the next street down).

      1. I ate at Rosario's one time shortly after it opened and found it to be pretty good, but not great. I have heard more and more bad reports as time has passed, so it looks like it might be getting away from them. Here's hoping they can right the ship.

        I must wholeheartedly disagree with any recommendation of Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville. True, they do have a nice selection of tequilas (though not nearly as impressive as the new "tequila bars" that have recently opened in Nashville). And I guess the food at Rosepepper is okay. But unfortunately, overshadowing those things is the fact that I had one of the most apalling service encounters of my life at Rosepepper. I was planning a birthday party for a friend of mine and decided on Rosepepper for a leisurely Sunday evening of drinks and Mexican food. I called on the preceding Thursday afternoon to inquire about a reservation. I was told that it would be no problem and booked a reservation for 20 people for 6:00 Sunday night. Well, when Sunday night rolled around and the 20 of us arrived at Rosepepper, I was told by the hostess that there was no record of a reservation in my name for that night or any other night. OK...this happens from time to time, but what happened next is what really baked my noodle. Rather than apologize and make an effort to accomodate us, the hostess took a rude, confrontational attitude and actually insinuated that I was lying about having made the reservation. She actually told me that she "knew what I was trying to pull," and that "it wasn't going to work." Unbelieveable! And then, after deciding that we would stay and be split into many smaller parties so we could be seated, the hostess acted as if we were inconveniencing her. I have NEVER been treated so rudely at any restaurant in Nashville or elsewhere and I will NEVER go back.

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          bummer to hear about your experience @ Rosepepper. here's my take on's fine if you're meeting up with 4-6 friends for beers/margs and some better than Nashville average mexican food. a couple of friends, some drinks and a huge plate of nachos out on their deck is really all it's worth. if you're looking for out of the world mexican this is not the spot.

          1. re: jamiecarroll

            I have not been treated badly at Rosepepper but I know others who have. The few times I've been I thought the food was just average at best. It's not a place I ever have any yen to visit.

            Most real Mexican in Nashville can be found in the Woodbine (Nolensville Rd) area, where I live. La Hacienda was one of the first outposts -- it's definitely good and is still going strong. There are a ton of holes in the wall, wagons, etc. but I haven't tried them. There was one drive-through that had really good grilled chicken but it closed.

            I have to say I also like La Paz in Green Hills ... it's a regional chain (out of Atlanta, I think) but they have lots of not-your-average-Tex-Mex-place dishes. They also do VERY reasonably priced catering.

          2. On 2/21 i posted Mexican in Nashville and was disappointed that there werent any overwhelming suggestions for good Mexican. I am taking a spanish class and my teacher (Guatemalan) said last week that she thinks La Hacienda is the best she has found. See the 2/21 post for more info. I sipped on a good tequila drink last night at Agave and am planning to try their food next week since they are open for lunch now.

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            1. re: cooknook

              Have you tried Lime yet? Had dinner there a week or so ago and everything was really good; all the salsas were fresh/great and the pork tamale with mole sauce was very good. I've also heard great things about their fish entrees but we didn't try any on this visit. They also squeeze all of their juices (except pomegranate) from scratch so the drinks are really good and fresh. The sangria is very good -- not the sticky sweet stuff lots of places serve. Please let us know what you think of Agave's food; I've heard mixed reviews. Thanks!

              1. re: jcr05

                Update: Rosarios recently declared bankruptcy (though is still open for now) and Agave has closed.