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Feb 27, 2008 08:15 PM

Moving to DC for a few months--where should I eat??

Hi everyone,

I am moving from NY to DC for a new job--I will only be in DC for training, so I will be around a few months, a year max. I am really sad to be leaving all the food options of NY, but I figured this board would be the best place to start sniffing out the best of DC!

So if you had a few months to explore DC's food scene, where would you go? I am thinking high end to low end--the whole spectrum. I want the key experiences. So far I am very excited for a few of the high-end restaurants (Citronelle, Cityzen, etc.), the Eden Center (Vietnamese food in NY is pathetic), Southern food (Southern food in NY is pathetic), and lots of Ethiopian choices... what else? What is a great DC experience--bonus if it is something DC does better than NY?


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  1. Once the months lose their "r's" then you'll be able to partake in some crab. There'll be PLENTY of posts at that time. Generally you'll want to head to Baltimore or the Bay area. Prior to that, grab a weekday lunch at CF Folks and get the crab cake (from there your visits can explore the offerings more).

    Here's a recent thread on Southern:

    You've lined out general good approaches you can't get well in NY.

    Not sure how NY is with Sichuan or Korean, but there are a number of good places for each in the DC area - though most are in the burbs. Heading down 395 to Duke will get you to Hee Been - a top nominee for Korean - and Temptasian - one of the Sichuan places. Both are behind the KFC, with the Temptasian in the parking lot.

    And lastly, get some Peruvian rotisserie chicken. El Pollo Rico is the standard with which to start; one in Wheaton and one in Arlington (though I think one burned recently).

    1. While it's not NYC, DC actually increasingly has a lot to offer in terms of food (although you will want to get your fill of bagels and deli since we suck at that :) )

      I'm sure a lot of people will give you a number of great suggestions. Is there a particular area where you will be living and working? That way we can focus in on your particular neighborhood.

      1. For high end, Restaurant Eve in Old Town is tough to beat. Morou at Farah Olivia is also doing some unusal and tasty things.

        If you're a connoiseur of hot dogs, you should add DC's halfsmoke to your studies. It's not a NY dog or a Chicago dog, but unique to DC. Ben's and Weenie Beanie have them hot, or you could buy your own by the pound at Canales Meats in Eastern Market. For soul food, treat yourself to a taste test between Levi's Port Cafe and Ooohs and Aaahs and tell us who has the best collards, mac & cheese, and porkchops.

        Not food, but for drinks, I'd pit Todd Thrasher at PX against any bartender in NYC.

        1. Welcome to DC,
          My clients from NYC were recently impressed with Vidalia (southern).
          Chinese friends from Long Island always want to go to Seven Seas in Rockville (chinese-seafood).

          Some key DC experiences: Drinks at Round Robin Bar (in Willard Hotel). Oysters at Old Ebbit. Native American Food at the American Indian Museum. Giffords Peppermint stick candy Ice Cream. Halfsmoke at Ben's Chili Bowl. Power Dinner at The Prime Rib. Chai Tea at Teaism.

          1. DC getting there, but we are not yet keep that in mind as you make your way around the restaurant scene! But I would suggest Komi, I agree with Restaurant Eve and Vidalia. If you can go to the burbs, I would try Mark's Duck House and for Italian in Rockville - Amici Mei. Lots of other good advice on the Board - welcome to DC!