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Feb 27, 2008 07:04 PM

How to transport a cake without messing it up

I have to transport a cake in my car about 70 miles and my main concern is how to keep it from sliding around and messing up the design. The last time I transported a cake, by the time it made it home, the sides where the frosting was were stuck all over the sides of the bos and the top where the flowers were was smashed and the writing had smeared off. I sat the cake on the floor in the back of the car and nothing was on top of it or around it and it still got messed up. I would hate for this to happen again. Please tell me the best type of box and how to position it. I am getting the cake from a bakery, but she does not use tent boxes and I am worried.

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  1. I had to transport a wedding cake in my car a couple of years ago. After a bit of consulting, I decided that the best option was to lay a yoga mat in the truck of my car, and put the cake, in a box, on top of that. The sticky mat kept the box from shifting around at all, and the trunk is flat (as opposed to the seats, which are angled). I'd say that a box is essential - any baking supply store will have these in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they only cost a couple of dollars.

    1. When I put a cake in a box for transport I always put the cake on a cardboard circle that will extend beyond the cake by at least an inch on all sides. The cardboard circle may touch the sides of the box but will keep the sides of the cake away from it.

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        Now that is genius. One of those really simple things that just never occurred to me, but make perfect sense. Would of course also make it so much easier to pick the cake up and move it around.

        This is probably one of those things where everybody else read it and said 'well, duh' and I'm the only idiot who didn't know about it.

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          I third the use of a larger cake circle and box. I also use a Rubbermaid grip liner that keeps the box from sliding -- I actually have a piece in the car all the time just in case. If the cake is tall, I manipulate the box lid with scissors, tape, and possibly straws to keep the cake covered, but allowing ample clearance for decorations.

        2. Ask the person at the bakery to store your cake in the cooler until you come to pick it up (if you are really concerned, you might ask her to put it in the iced cake in the freezer - I've transported full sheet cakes from NC to OH this way before with no slippage or quality problems). Then place it on the yoga mat (or something equally made for nonslippage), with the box lid open.

          Not only will you avoid having the box slip around, but the icing will stay hard through most of your journey, and any slippage is less likely to cause damage to the design .

          1. I second the yoga mat suggestion. Or if you don't have one, try one of those non-skid under-rug mats.

            1. You can pick up cake boxes from a party store. If the cake is a lot bigger, I'll use a rubber maid storage container (upside down), put the cake on a nonskid mat (you can get them at the dollar store) on the lid, turn the base of the rubbermaid container upside down to use as the lid. Use non-skid mat to keep it from sliding in the car. Much cheaper than a yoga mat, and I sweat big time on mine and wouldn't want a cake near it!

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                Upside down rubber-maid container.....BRILLIANT!!! Thank you! I have a 3D cake to transport this wekeend and I'll definitely be out to my local dollar store this weekend! :D