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Feb 27, 2008 06:12 PM

Lombardi's- big disappointment...

So I tried the famous pizza from Lombardi's tonight and I have to say, it wasn't all that I expected it to be. I was pretty impressed with the tomato sauce but I'm quite disappointed overall. Crust was too chewy and soggy, and it just did not taste fresh at all.

I currently live in the east village and am wondering if there are any great pizza joints around here. My ideal slice is the perfect amount of fresh mozzarella, tasty tomato sauce (like the kind at Lombardi's), and crispiness. Crust can't be too thick either. Brick oven is ok but usually with brick oven, the crust tends to be too crispy and hard.

The one and only place that comes near to my ideal slice of pizza is Little Italy pizza place located on 33rd and 5th. Oh my goodness, the pizza here is AMAZING...especially the crust which has the perfect amount of crispiness. Love their sauce and cheese too. However, it's in midtown and I'm looking for a place closer to where I live to fill my frequent pizza cravings!

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  1. Arturo's on West Houston has the best NY style pizza in the neighborhood.

    1. stromboli on st marks. just a good neighborhood pizza joint

      1. You MUST always ask for your lombardis pie to be well done. I think they're always so jammed they just turn their pies out as fast as possible. I don't think it's the greatest place in the world but I live close enough for delivery and I always order from there and specify well done.

        I've got to disagree with both below. Arturo's is a good coal oven pizza though it's very greasy and certainly not crispy NY style. It's diff than Lombardi's but I don't like it quite as much.

        I still can't figure out Stromboli's. I think this place is average at best. Maybe if you're into those toppings loaded pies they serve that's fine, but I cannot agree with anyone saying their plain NY slice is better than avg. If chopped broccoli with chicken and onions piled onto a relatively meh NY style slice I think you'll be happy there.

        I should say for the record that Joe's on Carmine is far and away my favorite slice, followed I guess by Sacco over on 9th and 54th or maybe Mimi's on 84th (but I grew up eating that slice so I'm biased).

        For a thin NY slice like those but down near you I'd say Ray's on Prince is good enough IF you're there for the gray haired skinny guy. There's 2 gray hair guys and the dude who's there on weekdays after 6 is the best. There's quite a big difference between he and the others.

        Still I order lombardis. Forget all they hype and it's still a very good place and delivery is fast. Remember specify well done and you'll see a big improvement.

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          I agree with you on Lombardis and Joe's. You have to order Lombardis pie well done, it may come a bit charred, but that's fine for me. I prefer extra thin crust like Joe's, so Lombardis isn't my favorite, but if you ask for garlic, they give you fresh and this is an added + for me. I also like my pie to have a bit of grease not an oil spill, but Joe's balances the grease well. I'd prefer a slice with garlic, from Joe's rather then a slice with garlic from Lombardis.

        2. If you can handle the brick oven crust, It sounds like Lil Frankies is what you're lookin' for and they are right at 1st and 1st. my fave. (patsy's is good too)

          1. I had a bad pizza at Lomabardi burnt. I come from Brooklyn and any pizza place would have done it better in the day