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Feb 13, 2002 09:45 PM

I'm screwed -- V-day blues

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OK, so it's the night before and I'm still trying to find a cozy little place that hasn't been invaded by stuffy fixed-price menus and sub-par food. I live in the Los Feliz area -- so anything in LF, Silverlake, Hollywood, Downtown, etc. are all very doable spots.


Any great suggestions where I still might be able to nab a reservation?

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  1. Try vermont, they had a huge sign out front this morning when i drove by.

    1. i am a huge fan of farfalla on hillhurst (ONLY the one on hillhurst, the other locations are awful!). i have lived and spent a lot of time in italy and i really think the food is consistently good and very authentic. the pizza has an awesome thin crust. the pastas are great, the appetizers are great (esp the warm seafood salad). usually, they do not take reservations at all, so you often see people waiting outside to get a table. i don't know if they maintain their no reservation policy for v-day, but i would think so.

      since the wait for a table can be very long, we hv spent many a very happy valentines day getting a take out order from farfalla, and eating it at home by candle light w/ a nice bottle of wine, nice music, etc. (clothing optional). the take out portions of pasta are very generous and the pizzas are big. we always get 2 pastas, a pizza, a salad, maybe an appetizer when we get take out, so there's plenty of leftovers for the next day. you def hv to call in the order ahead, so it can be ready when you pick it up and you can by-pass the hungry people on the sidewalk.

      good luck.