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Feb 27, 2008 05:44 PM

What time should I reserve pre-theatre dinner for?

What time should I reserve a pre-theatre dinner for a show that starts at 8pm?

I'm thinking about choosing the Four Seasons

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  1. I would say no later than 5:30. The Four Seasons is not in the Theater District, so you want to leave enough time to have a leisurely meal and then walk or take a cab to your theater.

    1. It really depends on how far the theatre is from the restaurant you choose and whether you intend to walk there or cab it. Most servers/restuarants will respond favorably if you let them know you have theatre tickets. And you have until at least 8:06 as curtain time is 8:07 p.m!

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        Thanks, I reserved 5:30 at the Four Seasons

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          If you let the waiter know you have theater tickets, they will steer you clear of food that might take longer to prepare. I believe they have a Prix Fix Theater menu. Also, getting a cab going cross-town is tough at that hour so prepare to walk several blocks before finding one (in the event one is not available when you exit the restaurant).

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            If you head from the restaurant to Lexington to the subway, you can go in at 53rd (the Citicorp stop) and get the E-train down 8th Ave to the theater district. I may be the quickest way to go. The stops are Lex (where you'll get on), 5th, 7th, 50th, 42nd. You can get off at 42nd and walk underground as far as 44th & 8th. That's the way I always get to theater. No matter what you do you should leave the restaurant no later than 7:15. If everything works, you'll be early; if not, you won't be late.