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Feb 27, 2008 05:09 PM

Eugene, Oregon

Going to see the university - any suggestions for great breakfast and great dinner - we like 'normal, fresh, non-fussy food' Thanks!

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  1. Dinners:

    1. Probably best restaurant in town is Marche', in the fifth street market

    2. Maybe #2 right now is Bel Ami

    3. Also really like Davis's, corner of Olive and Broadway

    Breakfast is tough, nothing jumps right out at me. Maybe Zenon, corner of Pearl and Broadway

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    1. re: duck833

      Any updates on Bel Ami - how's the food, service, etc.? Would the in-laws like it is really the question :) They don't like anything too loud, too different, too hip, etc. Thanks!

      1. re: ScarletB

        I have found Bel Ami to be hit or miss. We love eating in the wine bar there-great service, lots of opportunities to taste different wine, and Tim, the wine guy, is friendly and knowledgeable. You can eat from the restaurant menu there. I think the restaurant food isn't as good as it once was-it used to have some really fabulous and reasonably priced item, including a fabulous seared ahi and great crispy french fries with beef demiglace. I don't think the ahi is on the menu right now and the demiglace is gone, as well.

        Last time we ate there, two of us loved our entrees and two of us thought "eh". The atmosphere is fairly nice-dark (which older folks sometimes dislike) but not too noisy or hip, and lots of familiar food on the menu.

        1. re: girlwonder88

          Thanks girlwonder - I appreciate the response! It's looking like we'll be trying it Friday. True, they do not like dark but noise is worse so glad to hear it's not too noisy. I'll just read the menu to them.

      2. re: duck833

        I'm looking for opinions re: Adams Sustainable Table in Eugene please...

        1. re: LAFoodGuy

          We loves Adams, though think the name is incredibly stupiid :) Anyway, very good food at very reasonable prices.

      3. Rogue Ales Eugene City Brewery
        844 Olive Street
        Eugene, OR 97401

        Good ale, very friendly. Food is not cheap but real good. Right down town.

        Red Barn Natural Grocery
        357 Van Buren St.
        (4th & Blair Blvd.)
        Eugene, OR 97402
        (541) 342-7503 Phone

        Nice grocery store with natural food. Some "Deli" items

        Saturday Market when it opens in April

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. We have a good pizza place now, La Perla. Located on corner of 13th and Pearl.

            Just got back, my fifth time since the opened early in July.

            1. We enjoyed Morning Glory one bright morning