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Feb 27, 2008 04:51 PM

New Hope dinner recs

Hi -- We are meeting another couple for dinner in New Hope on Saturday. My husband and the other guy are not into anything too fancy, but we'd like good food. We don't want to pay crazy prices either... a lot to ask in New Hope I know....Any help would be great!

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  1. We have been to Karla's many times. Casual, good menu, decent wine list. Not over the top with their prices, but always great ambiance, been a surviving restaurant with all the changes in New Hope.

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      I realize I might be too late for this, but I've been here twice, but not in the last year or two.. It's called Wildflowers

      I've only been in the Summer when you can sit outside, and it was a great choice because my one friend was a vegetarian, and they have a lot of veg entrees, but I thought their food was excellent, and not a bad price point for New Hope. They had some sort of Shrimp soup that I still remember..from 2004, so I guess that's saying something! I'm pretty sure the owners were there, walking around. We don't go to New Hope a lot, or I would make a point of eating there more often.

      If you google them you can see reviews.

    2. NOT a fan of Karla's. If you want casual and fun try Lilly's on the Canal in Lambertville, or the Inn of the Hawk (more of a pub).

      1. Triumph has nice pub fare and across the river you can't go wrong with Lilly's, the Lambertville Station or Cafe Galleria.