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Feb 13, 2002 07:58 PM

Assi Korean Supermarket

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Yesterday I made a field trip to Assi Korean supermarket, in K-Town on 8th St. just east of Western; I rarely cook Asian cuisine - hey, any excuse to go out - and I have never ever been to an Asian supermarket. WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN?

AISLES upon AISLES of noodles - dried or refrigerated, seaweed, fresh fish and shellfish, candy and snacks, fruits, freeze dried goodies (whole fish and squid, for starters), deli/lunch counter, tofu, mochi and other frozen delights...and so, so much more. Oh, and CHEAP. Great values on individual items and on bulk on stuff they charge twice as much for at Trader Joe's for half the quantity. Assi was not merely an is a field trip, a destination, a home cook's nirvana; it is a wing of Chowhound Disneyland. FYI - It seemed somewhat crowded during lunchtime on a week day - I bet weekends are pretty hectic.

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  1. while you are experiencing asian supermarkets don't forget Hannam Chain in Ktown on Olympic -- lots of great ingredients and ready made food including korean pancakes and marinated rib-eye to grill at home. I also like Seafood City on Vermont -- loads of fish on ice tables that you select and take to the counter to be cleaned

    1. Here is a link to an earlier Chowhound discussion that includes some amazing Asian markets in the San Gabriel Valley and Orange County.