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Old Scottsdale

Foodie for sure Feb 27, 2008 04:24 PM

What's a great Mexican restaurant in Old Scottsdale for adults? Not a kids bar but a fun place to go on a Thursday night?

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  1. JK Grence the Cosmic Jester RE: Foodie for sure Feb 28, 2008 02:23 AM

    "Great Mexican restaurant" and "fun place to go" are mutually exclusive concepts in old town Scottsdale. For the latter category, go to the Old Town Tortilla Factory on Main west of Goldwater. Sit on the gorgeous patio and enjoy chips and salsa with a margarita. Those two items are the only things worth getting, everything else about the place just plain sucks. If you want great Mexican food in the Old Town area, you are completely out of luck. Every Mexican place in the Old Town area is pedestrian at best. Your best nearby bet is Los Sombreros on Scottsdale Road just south of Thomas.

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester
      Foodie for sure RE: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester Feb 28, 2008 08:12 AM

      Thanks..there was a note that Los Sombreros was sold and changing hands...do you know about this...how far away is it from the Old Town area

      1. re: Foodie for sure
        ajs228 RE: Foodie for sure Feb 28, 2008 08:17 AM

        I've been there since, and it's still great. It is no more than a 5-10 minute drive from Old Town, depending on where you are and traffic.

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          hohokam RE: ajs228 Feb 28, 2008 08:20 AM

          yeah. what ajs said ;-)

        2. re: Foodie for sure
          hohokam RE: Foodie for sure Feb 28, 2008 08:19 AM

          Los Sombreros did change hands, but the consensus seems to be that there has been no noticeable drop-off in quality. The restaurant is about a 5-minute drive from the Old Town area.

          Los Sombreros Cafe & Cantina
          2534 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

          1. re: hohokam
            Foodie for sure RE: hohokam Mar 1, 2008 12:08 PM

            thanks for the help.

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