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Feb 27, 2008 03:28 PM

Need Recs for a Very Special Dinner- San Mateo Area

Hello. I'm no longer from the Bay Area. My cousin and her husband are celebrating their 40th birthday and I wanted to send them a gift certificate for a fine dining restaurant in the San Mateo area or any other area near San Carlos where they live. Open to any cuisine and price range...something befitting a special celebration and a well-deserved night from the kids.

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  1. Viognier or 321 Ellsworth in Downtown San Mateo are both excellent but I don't know if they have gift certificates.

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      Our favorite special occasion restaurant in that area is the Village Pub in Woodside. Despite the name, this is most definitely a fine dining restaurant, and their web site says that they sell gift certificates.


      Village Pub
      2967 Woodside Rd., Woodside, CA 94062

    2. Had a marvelous birthday dinner about 3 weeks ago at Voignier. Food and service are excellent and there is a warm and pleasant atmosphere. It is interestingly located on top of Draeger's Market, an unscale grocery store. It is fun to browse the gifts and cookbooks and the downstairs has a tempting bakery as you walk in. See the link already given.

      1. 231 Ellsworth is in our opinion the best restaurant in the area. Though I recently heard they just changed chefs again -- the fellow who has been second in charge through all the previous changes is now the chef.
        The gentleman (in the food business) who told me this also recommended Sherman House. Haven't been there yet myself.