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Feb 27, 2008 02:57 PM

Pho '99, Greenville SC

Just wanted to give a quick report. After having to kill a couple hours on Monday down in Greenville, wanted to find a lunch spot and Pho '99 didn't disappoint. Knew it would be good when I was the only english speaking person in the restaurant. First let me say that I couldn't bring the whole family here with a limited selection, but what they do they do well. Ordered a vietnamese iced coffee with the sweetened condensed milk to start and it was outrageous! very strong coffee flavor without being overly sweet. Saved half as dessert. Started with the egg rolls, thought I ordered spring rolls but more on that later. The egg rolls were typical deep fried tiny non-descript rolls with a good slightly hot sauce.Not a great start. For a main course had the Broken rice ......? Pork, pork rink, fried egg, shrimp, it was very good, great pork grilled flavor.I added a little of the side sauces they provided on the side and great unique flavors in the dish. Then I ordered some take out for my wife and my dinner. Everyone in the placdeseemed to be ordering rice noodle soups and ordered that to bring home. It comes with sprouts, thai basil and other flavors to add to an already flavorful brouth. Delicious! We ordered seafood but seems their specialty is beef and we'll have to try that next. Did I mention the spring rolls were killer. Best I've ever had. Certainly a new favorite when we go to Greenville. C'mon Asheville where's our Vietnamese food?

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  1. Do you recall smelling any star anise or a bit of cloves in their pho broth?

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      Yes definitely not the run of the mill broth, star anise maybe didn't think cloves though. Whatever was in there was in there was delicious!

    2. Is that the one near Bob Jones on Wade Hampton? I like it too. Pho Noodleville on Haywood is not bad either, and they have really good shrimp in their stir fry dishes.

      What is the difference between spring rolls and egg rolls?

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        It depends on the Asian country as there are many variations.

        In general egg rolls are fried, while the spring rolls use a cold rice wrapper with cold, salad-like ingredients and sometimes cooked shrimp. (Of course there are deep-fried spring rolls too)

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          Hmmm, i would call that a summer roll. I'm with you, love the cold rice-wrapper rolls, rarely do I get my hands on a fried roll that I think is worth the calories.

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            I've always considered spring rolls to be Cary's description and these did have the cooked shrimp in them accompanied by a slighty spicy peanut dipping sauce

      2. Pho '99 is one of my favorite stand-by places to go to whenever I'm not really sure what else I'm in the mood for. I have eaten there several times and I have yet to be disappointed.

        I also enjoy Pho Noodleville, but I find the service and the food to be a bit better at Pho '99.

        1. Thanks for the recomendation! I got take out from Pho 99 on Friday and I really enjoyed mine. I got Pho Tai (beef) for me and chicken (not on the menu as far as I could tell) for my husband. I took a nibble of the raw beef before I put it in the hot broth and it was good. I really like d the soft, rare-ish quality of the just cooked beef...normally whatever protein I get in pho is merely a nutritional component.

          The broth was very good, and bean spronts, thai basil, and another herb I don't know the name of, along w/ a piece of lime and some hot sauce were all included in my box along with the noodles and beef. Broth was in a separate container. Very easy, excellent choice for take out, and enough broth left that I will probably make soba noodles and toss them in later this week.