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Feb 27, 2008 02:57 PM

Dad likes offal.

Looking for a restaurant - French or Italian - which has offal - calf's brains, tripe, kidney on the menu. I have tried Babbo - this is for either 3/7 or 3/8 - but they are fully committed. Ultimately it would be a small/quiet restaurant. Suggestions?

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  1. The tripe and sweetbreads at Casa Mono are both excellent.

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      You might look into Momofuku or Ssam Bar. I know, they're neither French nor Italian, nor really quiet, but they are almost as committed to offal as Mario Batali's restaurants; Ssam Bar has an offal section on its dinner menu.

      Or, speaking of Batali, have you tried Lupa?

    2. Chez Napoléon, recently suggested by other hounds for calf's brain, will be ideal for your dad!

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        Yes, they do not have tripe, but brains, kidneys, sweetbreads, liver, etc. I have had wonderful tripe at Lupa and Crispo (not on the regular menu at Crispo). Lupa's tripe is just like Babbo's but reservations are just as tough to get as at Babbo. They only reserve half the tables and the rest are for walk-ins, but be prepared for a very long wait.

      2. Did he ever try the tripe at babbo? It is the best I ever had...

        1. The sweetbread @ Belcourt on 2nd Ave. & 4th street are to die for... but that's pretty much the only offal offering there... Buenos Aires on 6th St. between A & B have an amazing offal plate as well, plus some of the best steak around. Just my 2 cents.

          Jason -

          1. Quest has tripe on menu..For Asian inspired: Gyu Kaku has tongue and stomach or some intestine organ which they call "Hormone"-the origins which I can't figure out but you bar b que it and it's delish. Comes marinated in two different sauces.