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Feb 27, 2008 02:49 PM

Struggling With Dinner Choice

We're flying to NOLA with friends with some friends for my DH's birthday. The problem is where to have his birthday dinner. I'd like to give him the option of a steak, as he loves a good steak, but the rest of us want a great NOLA restaurant.

Also, there is one more glitch...our friends want to stay in ,or very near, the quarter.

I've looked and looked and can't seem to find the perfect fit. Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. Just about every major restaurant is going to have a steak. Stella, Bayona, Galatoire's are in the quarter. I got a steak at Herbsaint the other day that was really good. It's not in the quarter but it's close. MiLA is excellent, and it's 1 block out of the quarter.

    1. Delmonico's is maybe a $8 cab from the quater be sure to ge a reservation


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        Yep. Had dinner at Delmonico last week and would have to agree with don. The perfect suggestion...5 minute cab, great steak, nice wine list, lots of other things. I had the duck confit with cassoulet...fantastic.

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          Thanks Jeff,
          Been a while but planning on Delmonico's myself either apr 30 or may 1 in town for one day of Jazz Fest love that thursday less crowded. Just thought of something could be a total lush and cab it to Commanders for those 25 cent happy hour Maritini's then head for Delmonico's-Game on!


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          I did a review of Delmonico in August. It was very good, with only the most insignificant of glitches. I would second, or third, this rec.


        3. Herbsaint. We've had the salad with goat cheese beignets (these are SO good they should be a stand alone appetizer), shrimp/grits, short ribs, gumbo and frog legs as starters. All are at least very good. The short ribs and beignets are outstanding. Entrees of steak/frites and lamb are really good. The standouts are duck confit and the pork belly (OMG good). Brown butter banana tart is a lovely dessert. A very pleasant dining room with very good service. IMO a notch above Brigtsens (of which I am a big fan).

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            yes, the pork belly is amazing. I love the combination of flavors. I also very much enjoy the frog legs (my first time being brave enough to try them).

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              The Rib Room has great food and fantastic drinks, I'd go there.