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Feb 27, 2008 02:32 PM

Juniper berries??

Does anyone know where to get them? I tried an Austrian dish without it and it seems a bit flat.. i wonder how the juniper berries taste like and where can i find them?

Please help

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  1. Juniper berries are the slightly bitter fruit that are the basis for gin. I've never seen them fresh, as they usually come dried. You might find them in some places that carry expanded spice lines, but you'd be more certain of finding them at Harvet Wagon on Yonge at Summerhill (or the Eglinton location); or the Spice Trader on Queen west. You might have some luck at St Lawrence, but I don't know which place in particular might carry them. The flavour is unique, and can be overpowering, so add them to taste. Enjoy!

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      several places at the St. Lawrence Market carry them- downstairs in the south market you can find them packaged (can't remember the name of the place, but it's where they sell lots of spices). They are almost always dried- which is perfect for cooking.

    2. Most large grocery stores carry them. Bulk food too. Not really that hard to find.

      1. I looked for them forever and finally found them at Pusateri's. That was about a year ago.

        1. I'm sure that you can find them in Kensington at that spice store on the NE corner of Baldwin and Augusta.

          1. I buy mine at Bruno's, in the spice section. Juniper berries are worth seeking out - they especially work well in meat dishes. I've always wondered if I could use the berries (it's actually a cone) from the junipers in my yard. My understanding is only some varieties are suitable for cooking and not knowing which is which, I end up buying them...