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Feb 27, 2008 02:28 PM

Portsmouth this weekend

Ladies weekend in Portsmouth looking for great food!

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  1. Definitely have breakfast at the Friendly Toast. It is a must

    1. Pesce Blue for dinner. Wonderful seafood with a great atmosphere. I would stay away from Friendly Toast. Dirty, poor service, and lackluster food.

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      1. re: aadesmd

        I was not impressed with the food at the friendly toast either. Love the atmosphere, but the food was just ok.

        1. re: aadesmd

          I'll second the Pesce Blue dinner recommendation -

          Here are some other upscale dinner recs:
          Black Trumpet Bistro -
          Green Monkey -
          Brazo -
          Victory 96 State Street -

          Have a fun weekend!

          1. re: gemini222

            For breakfast, if you don't mind traveling about 15 minutes, try the Stolen Menu in York.

            I believe they have a website, and the food is fab.

        2. I like Black Trumpet Bistro for their food, although it is on the smaller side so depends on how many ladies you have. Love the Green Monkey too. Haven't tried Brazo but it is owned by the same people who own Green Monkey which is very good. It has a more southwestern flair and seems a bit more relaxed.

          For breakfast I like Colby's in Portsmouth or Isis on Penhallow. I feel the same as other posters on Friendly Toast. Service can be really bad.

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          1. re: miren

            hm..intersting maybe i just went on an especially good day. Waiter was perfectly competent and i had a breakfast burrito w/ pumpkin, chorizo, egg, cheddar and shredded carrot. A totally unique and delicious breakfast.

            1. re: amyc

              The Friendly Toast is probably my favorite breaskfast place in this area, and I've tried them all! Great food with interesting and unique preparation. I suspect it may be a bit adventurous for some, hence the criticism.

              1. re: terrystu

                Boy, adventurous is not the word. Words that come to mind are dirty, unclean, snooty, boring, banal. Did I say dirty? Stay away. I agree that Isis is awesome for breakfast/brunch.

                1. re: aadesmd

                  Since you chose to post the same thing twice, I can only assume you had some personal problem here. I live nearby, and many of my neighbors eat here regularly. No one would ever call this place "snooty" , "boring", or "banal". It is quite the opposite. Granted, the waitstaff is comprised of young people with varying degrees of piercings and body art, perhaps you have a problem with that, but they are all very helpful and friendly, and always willing to customize an order to your liking.

                  1. re: terrystu

                    I think you've hit the nail on the head. There are people who get extremely freaked out by the waitstaff there, and that somehow translates as "dirty."

                    We live in Boston and we make a point of having breakfast at the Friendly Toast whenever we're north of the city -- we've been known to add close to a hundred miles to a trip for it, in fact!

                  2. re: aadesmd

                    FYI, Isis is now closed. Exeter's Loaf & Ladle will be opening their new location there soon.