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Feb 27, 2008 02:19 PM

Need Vegetarian Mexican Ideas!

I'm drawing a blank! I'm making veggie flautas (squash, bean, corn, cheese), guac, fresh salsa for dinner and I need ideas for another hot dish to go w/ the above. I know rice could work but I was looking for something a bit jazzier. Or if you have a great recipe for rice then I'm open. Your ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. If you like cilantro (and not everyone does), then do try this great Cilantro Rice posted by
    Robert is so delicious and makes a beautiful presentation:

    1. Chiles rellenos are always good... do that with the items you mentioned and the cilantro rice Val mentioned and then invite me over! :)

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        tortilla soup would work.or what about kicked up green chile cheese grits.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! Have a good recipe for chiles rellenos? The rice recipe looks good too and is so easy--I'll definitely make that. The other thing I came up with--A mexican chopped salad or something similar. Anyone have good recipes for this? I am planning on making this dinner tomorrow!

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            A common style of Mexican 'salad' is a mix of fruits and vegetables dressed with salt, lime juice (or other citrus mix), and hot chile powder (to taste). Jicama, cucumber, bell peppers, apple, etc work well.


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              In Morelia, they serve a fruit salad in a cup that is a mix of fruits, lime juice, chile powder and topped with queso anejo. I've also seen it with yogurt and granola layered in the cup. It is called gaspacho.

              Etole is very Mexican. Grill ears of corn - not necessarily sweet corn. Slather with mayonnaise and sprinkle with chile powder and queso anejo. This is Mexican street food.

              Borracho beans. Meatless pinto beans cooked with a bottle of Mexican beer. These are not refried beans, but soupy beans that we top with pico de gallo.

              Whole Foods has very good frozen vegetarian tamales and a vegetarian green chile in our area.

      2. Don't know how much time you have before needing to cook these items- I reccomend a cookbook called BAJA-COOKING ON THE EDGE, by Deborah M Schneider. Excellent recipes, and a great looking book to boot. She is the Chef at JSix in San Diego.

        1. stuffed peppers with rice, beans, topped with cheese....a nice side dish is mango, cabbage, jicama and jalapenos with pomegranate seeds and papaya dressing - mexican coleslaw, if you will. how about cheese quesadillas? also good with some hot peppers, tomatoes. try making them dry grilled or under the broiler with goat cheese or chihuahua cheese, hot peppers and mushrooms for something more interesting, they're reallly nice a little blackened.

          1. There are a few veggie dishes on Eat_Nopals recipe post:

            Among the recipes on Rick Bayless site I like this dip: