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Feb 13, 2002 01:08 PM

Pentimento (and other mid-wilshire recc's)?

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Any thoughts on Pentimento at LACMA? I assume it's's the food?

(Plus, any other ideas for the mid-Wilshire area would be quite welcome...)

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  1. A few months ago, I discovered a wonderful little sandwich shop called Panini Grill, a few doors east from the Conga Room on Wilshire Blvd. Don't think it's open for dinner, but it's my new favorite place for lunch. They have all types of hot sandwiches and some pastas ranging from $5-$7. Each is served with a side of bruschetta. Haven't had any of the pastas yet because their sandwiches are just too good to pass up... I've tried many, but really enjoy the chicken esplosiva--chicken in a spicy, sun-dried tomato spread topped with a slice of provolone, on a warm, grilled, crusty bread. Divine! No decor at all to speak of, but they sure do serve great sandwiches...

    1. I wasn't too wild about Pentimento, but it's downhill from there on Wilshire, except maybe Caffe Latte (see post below). Time to veer off Wilshire, so:
      Fiddler's Bistro, 3rd and Hauser: upscale coffee shop, great omelettes, turkey burgers, Lebanese food, salads, full bar, outdoor patio.
      Greece's Barbecue, 901 S. La Brea: very funky, basic
      barbecue stand with a few tables, pretty good if you don't want to go to south Central for 'cue.
      Doughboys, 3rd near Crescent Heights- casual, great salads, breakfasts, sandwiches, crowded.
      Pastis, Beverly near Crescent Heights - nice French bistro, the fanciest of my recs.
      Puran's, La Brea and 2nd - organic Italian
      Maison et Cafe, La Brea and 2nd - cute French cafe
      Mishima, 3rd and La Cienega - authentic Japanese noodles
      Let me know if you want more, I've been working on Wilshire for six years! Just stay away from Callendar's, please.

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        Thanks for the helpful suggestions - most of your recommendations were familiar to me (except Callendar's - just saw that one for the first time). We just moved to Olympic & Highland (from Olympic & Robertson) and know most of the "major" restaurants. But I would LOVE any other suggestions you may have....


      2. I've never minded Pentimento for what it is -- a museum cafe. It is Patina-owned so that makes it a little better than a few other museum cafes I've been to.

        1. I always enjoy Pentimento (except for their olive oil with the bread), but we only go when we go to LACMA. There are too many other restaurants so I would not make a special trip to go there.

          1. A couple weeks ago I ate at Ngoma, which is located next to the Conga Room on Wilshire near La Brea. This restaurant specializes in food from East and West Africa (the menu is even split as such), and it's a nice option if you're interested in exploring African food beyond Ethiopian. I tried the poulet yassa and the irio and recommend both (with a preference for the yassa). Their prices are very reasonable, but they don't have their liquor license yet (BYO is okay, and there's no corkage fee). The staff is very friendly and are native African immigrants with some fascinating stories should you manage to engage them in conversation.


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            1. re: Chris G.

              Okay, wow, that looks very impressive. Lots of vegetarian stuff, which I did not expect. I'll be going there soon...

              1. re: Chris G.

                This place sounds interesting...and now it's on my ever-expanding list of places to try. Can you tell me what the prices are, for lunch or dinner? Do they serve the same menu for both? Thanks.

                1. re: Jennifer W.

                  The prices are very reasonable. As I recall most of the entrees were under $10 and appetizers averaged under $5.

                  I only went there for dinner, so I don't know if they serve the same menu at lunch or if the prices are different. I did notice a mention of a weekday lunch buffet on the website, but this may be in addition to the menu offerings.