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Feb 27, 2008 01:52 PM

Steak in columbus, ohio

I will be in Columbus for a seminar next week and will have dinner with my 19 year old Buckeye. He has selected steak for the occasion. Is there a steakhouse that does dry aged prime beef? I know Columbus has the national chains - Mortons, etc.- but what do the locals suggest for the occasion? Have car, will travel.

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  1. Sam, the place I recommend, The Top Steakhouse, has been in business in Bexley, an eastside suburb of Columbus for over 50 years. It is only open for dinner and the prices aren't cheap. It is definitely a harbinger back to the 1950s dark steakhouse concept. I heartily endorse the bone in ribeye! is consistently listed among the top 20 restos in Columbus and the Columbus Dispatch just rated them 4/5 stars at the beginning of the month. Not sure if their meat is dry aged but it is definitely prime. I am fairly certain they use a local wholesaler, Michael's Prime Meats. This will be the place to order a martini before dinner or hang out in the piano bar. There is also a review of The Top by the Columbus Restaurant Widow, a local blogger, She includes pictures as well. If you go, please share your experience, don't think you will be disappointed.

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      Thanks, Diane. The Top looks perfect. It reminds me of the first true steakhouse my father took me to - Carl's Chop House in Detroit. I know my son will enjoy it. I will report back.

    2. The Claremont offers steaks and such in a very nice old school restaurant . I had a bad experience there on Valentines day once, but I know many who love it.

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        Sorry, not a devotee of the Clarmont (there is no e in the middle). Our family had been going there for literally 50 years. It was my father's wish to have his last meal there (he was on oxygen). We made a reservation, as there were 8 of us, and specified we had an ill family member. When we arrived at the appointed time, we were told it would be a 30 minute wait for our table. We were willing to wait but requested a chair so our father could sit down. The owner made a disparaging remark that if my father was so ill he needed a chair, he should not have gone out for dinner. Remember, a dissatisfied customer tells at least 20 people! Total jerks in my book!

        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          I am not fan of the Clarmont(sorry) but I was willing to have other consider it as a option.

          We had 7:00 pm Valentines day reservations that were made 2 weeks in advance, and we weren't seated until almost 830, even with a $30.00 tip. They were out of prime rib and 3 other entrées, and the servers were arrogant and sloppy. I will never go back.

      2. I would love to suggest J Gilberts Woodsfire Grill in Worthington. Please also check out for many pictures of meals eaten in Columbus Ohio. Good Luck!

        1. Sam,

          I'd like to second Diane's vote for The Top. They have the best steaks in Columbus and the authentic 50's Rat Pack vibe is great. It is truly a Columbus institution! Enjoy.